Grill'd - Parramatta

Delicious, Juicy and Healthy Burgers

Papi Chulo - Manly

Sexy Sauces And Mouth Watering Meat!

Chat Thai - Sydney CBD

Crab Omelette SO GOOD!

Like Noodle - Hurstville

Delicious Pork Belly and Dumplings

Pony Dining - The Rocks (Sydney CBD)

Delicious Tender Steaks and Amazing Apple Crumble

Cuckoo Callay - Newtown

Pulled Duck, #Hashtag Browns and a wonderful find of thickshakes, of the Nutella OR Salted caramel flavour

Coco Noir - Eastgarden

Delicious Tomato Chutney!

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cornersmith - Tasty Relish and Slaw!

Cafe: Cornersmith
Address: 314 Illawarra Road, Marrickville
Phone: 8065 0844 (Cafe)
Must Try: Poached Egg Roll, Pasture Raised Ham, Cabbage Slaw, Chilli Aioli & Relish

Poached eggs with Sourdough and Onion & Sage Relish $9

Eggs! Can't get enough of them especially when they're perfectly cooked. This is a perfect example of a dish that is so simple yet so good!

In case you haven't heard of or seen pictures on social media, Cornersmith is a smallish corner cafe located in Marrickville and has been awarded Best Cafe in SMH Good Cafe Guide 2014. If you head there on the weekend during lunch time, be prepared to queue up!

What's more, they use organic products, source from farmers AND make their own jams and relish - They have their own picklery and also have workshops available. And man, I wouldn't mind learning how to make that onion & sage relish because was so tasty

Soft poached egg over Brussel & Radish Slaw $12

Two mouthfuls of this vibrant slaw/salad and I didn't regret ordering this! The grapefruit, walnuts and parsley with brussel sprouts and radish, it was so healthy yet so yummy. The egg was unfortunately overcooked so no runny egg yolk throughout the salad.

I got the roll a few months after my first Cornersmith visit (yup.. very backlogged post) and the brussel slaw is no longer on the menu. It's always good to know that the cafe changes their menu according to season produce!

Poached Egg Roll, Pasture Raised Ham, Cabbage Slaw, Chilli Aioli & Relish $12
Knife and fork is needed to eat this "roll". It was so delish from ham to the slaw and the relish. I had a sore throat so was a bit skeptical when I saw the word "chilli" but the waiter reassured me that it's not spicy. The aioli and relish was amazing and bind everything together.

My 2nd time visiting Cornersmith was a spur of a moment thing, I had actually bought an avocado shake as I was walking up Illawarra Road. The wait staff were friendly enough to allow me to drink it inside the cafe and also recommended Delish's avo coconut smash which I'm yet to try out! The service was good and I love the relaxed vibe there, no wonder it's been named one of the best cafe for 2014.



Cornersmith on Urbanspoon

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Noodle Market and Intercontinental Lets Do Dessert!

Noodle Market and Intercontinental Lets Do Dessert!

Both events are held in the Month of October Annually.

Noodle Market Times: October 10th - 26th, Monday to Friday 5pm to late and Weekends 4pm to late.

Let’s Do Dessert – Intercontinental Cortile, Every night in October: 6pm to 12pm

Let’s Do Dessert Schedule and Restaurants:

The Annual Good Food Month of October, one of my favourite months of food, food and more food. We went straight after work and the lines were reasonable at that time. But as it got darker you could see more people in the queues and more lights and sounds.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Meat and Wine Co AND Lindt Opera Cake – Cheap Lunch Sets and Rich Dessert

The Meat and Wine Co AND Lindt Opera Cake – Cheap Lunch Sets and Rich Dessert

Restaurant: The Meat and Wine Co  | Website:

Address: L1/31 Wheat Road, Sydney NSW 2000 (Darling Harbour)
Phone:(02) 9211 9888
Opening times: Sunday – Thursday: Lunch / Dinner – 12noon – 10pm, Friday – Saturday: Lunch / Dinner – 12noon – 11pm

Must Try: Business Lunch Set, Entrée + Main + Dessert + Drink = $45

It was the boyfriend’s birthday and we wanted to organise a nice place to eat to celebrate. Candice had suggested this place, as it was easy to access and close to pick up the Lindt birthday cake. For Money for value, The Meat and Wine Co had a Business Lunch Set, this included an entrée, main, dessert and a drink ($45). If this was too much food for you, you can get the second option of the Entrée, main and drink for $35.

Szechuan calamari served with nam jim sauce and fresh lemon

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Café Sopra at Fratelli Fresh - Fine Italian Food Indulgence

Café Sopra at Fratelli Fresh - Fine Italian Food Indulgence

Restaurant: Fratelli Fresh
Address: Undergound 11 Bridge St Sydney NSW (Also in multiple location)
Phone: (02) 8298 2700 (Bridge St)
Must Try: Prosciutto di Parma, pickled watermelon rind & bocconcini

Prosciutto di Parma, pickled watermelon rind & bocconcini $22
Pickled watermelon rind ? Yes please!! This was the first thing that caught my attention when scanning through Fratelli Fresh's menu. Because my taste buds love  everything pickled, I could have a whole plate of those watermelon rind by itself! It perfectly complemented the prosciutto saltiness and soft bocconcini.

Heard a lot of good things about Fratelli Fresh and this entree definitely sets a high expectation for the rest of our evening.

Risotto with Mushroom & Taleggio $23
The risotto is a combination of 2 of my absolute favourite things -  mushroom and cheese! It was wonderfully cooked, packed with the strong mushroom and cheese flavour. So glad we shared this because the serving is generous.

Baked Semolina Gnocchi with Buafala and Tomato $21
I love gnocchi both traditional and ones made with other methods. So I couldn't resist to try out ones made with semolina! They were soft and lighter than the potato made gnocchi but I personally prefer the texture of the traditional ones. The tomato based sauce was moreish!

Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Jean Louis Joseph & Gozleme Turkish House - Birkenhead Point

Jean Louis Joseph

Address: Shop 146, Birkenhead Point Shopping Centre / 19A Roseby Street, Drummoyne NSW 2027

Phone: (02) 9719 3300
Must Try: Tasmania Salmon, smashed avocado, soft eggs

Birkenhead Point located in Drummoyne, is the home of outlet shopping. If you live far from DFO Homebush, this is the place to go! Not only is shopping good there, they have good food too, which is perfect for shoppers to fuel up their energy to shop some more. I also love it how the whole centre is spacious and filled with natural sunlight.

Jean Louis Joseph is located at ground level near Coles, its combination of deli and cafe reminds me of Jones the Grocer in the city.

Tasmania Salmon, smashed avocado, soft eggs $16

Was caught by surprise when the salmon fillet arrived because I thought it'd be smoked salmon! It was cooked perfectly with nicely seasoned avocado and oozing poached egg. It was totally worth $16

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Tapavino - Delicious Tapas and Quick Service

Tapavino - Delicious Tapas and Quick Service

Restaurant: Tapavino    |    Website:

Address: 6 Bulletin Place, Sydney, NSW 2000
Opening TimesMonday to Friday, 12pm to 11:30pm
Phone: (02) 9247 3221 

Within a hidden alley way in Sydney’s CBD, there is a nice Spanish Tapas Bar and Restaurant. My friend had booked a table at this restaurant for her birthday. I was informed beforehand that if we were to cancel it would be a $50 fee, per person. But I am always up for a drink and good food to celebrate my friend’s birth.

Following the directions of the map, I was able to find the restaurant. The restaurant was 2 stories high, the bottom was a bar, loud, full and flowing with conversation. Upstairs was the dining area, complete different scenario to the bottom level.

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