Friday, March 16, 2012

Jamie’s Italian- “Sand = Authentic Italian?”

 Jamie's Italian

12th March 2012

Restaurant: Jamie's Italian|
Location: 107 Pitt St, Sydney CBD
Cuisine: Authentic Affordable Italian
Contact Number: 
(02) 8240 9000

Rating: 7/10 - Very generous servings with affordable prices but lacked a bit of flavour.

First of all, BIG thanks to the lovely Jess who created this blog! I’ve always wanted to start a food blog, but I’m not motivated to do so myself..

Now, Jamie’s Italian.. Jamie Oliver’s passion and concept for food makes me want to visit this restaurant, ever since it opened in Sydney. I went with my sister and father (who came all the way from Beijing for my sister’s graduation). We arrived at the restaurant at 6:45pm and was told the wait would be 1 hour and 15 minutes for a table. We decided to have a drink in the mean time. The bar at the restaurant was full and we had no choice but to venture to a bar nearby. They notified us at 7:45pm and we still had to wait until 8pm to be seated.

We started off with the Vegetable plank ($10/head), we all loved the 'Pecorino' with chilli jam! For mains, dad had the Lamb Rump Special, which was very succulent. My sister had the Crab & Squid Ink Risotto ($15.50/26.50). It tasted nice, but needed a bit more salt and I had the Ligurian Fish Stew ($27). The wild garlic Aioli on the Crostini was delicious, but I failed to notice a piece of crostini in the stew. By the time I discovered it, it had became soggy. The worst thing was, the accompanying clams had sand in them. I don’t know if that’s an authentic Italian thing, but I did not like it one bit. For sides, we had Flash-Cooked Greens ($7) and Crispy Polenta Chips ($8). I greatly recommend the Polenta chips, it was the tastiest dish out of all.

Overall, the mains lacked flavour but the entrée and sides were scrumptious. The price was also good, $150 for 3 people including a bottle of wine. It’s wasn't too pricey for a restaurant in the CBD and their servings were generous.

I recommend this restaurant to those who wants to have Italian in the CBD and wouldn’t mind waiting.

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