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Morena - “Not a lamb nor a camel”


9th March 2012

Restaurant: Morena | http://www.morena.com.au/   [Updated 30/7/14 - Closed]
: Surry Hills
: Latin America – Known for serving Alpaca (every second dish had alpaca)
: 7/10 – Tasted great, meals were small in proportion and a bit pricey. Service was great.

Next Stop Food Morena

Next Stop Food Morena Alpacha

After a long day at work, the four of us ventured to Surry Hills for dinner. Felicia had already made a booking at a new restaurant she read about in the newspaper.  We arrived and the service was fantastic, the wait staff were polite and very courteous.  Candice and Felicia ordered the $42 alpaca special main course and wine. Cassie ordered the “Lomo saltado a lo Morena”, very tender pieces of charcoal beef. And I ordered the “Escabeche de Pato”, which is the tender duck breast.  We also ordered some side dishes of Pork Belly, duck and a salad. 

The meal was very exciting, this was the first time any of us had tried alpaca. A lovely experience we have all share now. Alpaca tasted great in my opinion, after seeing so many photos of alpacas before the meal, I felt quite sad. But when tasting this type of meat, it was very tender, tasty and the best way to describe the flavour and texture is ‘lamb’.  
Next Stop Food Morena Alpacha

We did have a short conversation with the waiter after the meal, about what he thought alpaca tasted like. He mentioned customers describe it as “in between camel and lamb”. He then mentioned it tasted more like Camel to him, but he had never tried lamb himself and we have never tried Camel (what a dilemma). 

Next Stop Food Morena Curry Puff

Next Stop Food Morena Alpacha
The meal was delicious, new and exciting flavours I have never tried before, the overall price was good in general ($200 in total for 4 people).  Wait staff were very friendly and very helpful. 

Next Stop Food Morena creme brulee

Next Stop Food Morena

I recommend trying alpaca for those who haven’t; it is a very nice type of meat and very much worth venturing to this restaurant for. 

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Jess =3

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