Sunday, May 06, 2012

The Summit - "The revolving restaurant"

Summit Restaurant

Restaurant: Summit Restaurant |   [Updated 30/7/14 - Closed and New Ownership]

Location: Australia Square, Sydney
Cuisine: Modern Australian
Contact Number: 02 9247 9777
Rating: 7.5/10 –  Our dishes was presented well and the service was better than expected. The 360 degree view of Sydney is what captured our hearts. 

The girls had chosen the Summit to pre-celebrate Jessica's upcoming birthday in early April. The restaurant was initially chosen because of the 360 degrees uninterrupted views of Sydney, such as the iconic landmarks: Sydney Harbour Bridge, Opera House and Darling Harbour. 

We arrived at the 47th floor and was taken to our table along the window ( a very huge and long window that is, I'm sure there is a better name for this "window" hmmm...please comment below if you think of a better/correct word). As soon as we were seated the little photographers inside us almost immediately took out our phones and cameras to capture the amazing view, especially with the sunset in the far distant of the CBD.

Our waiter kindly gave us a few minutes for us to oooo-ahhh at the view and to settle in to the revolving restaurant before we ordered our yummy food. Our waiter was attentive (maybe because he was new at the job?) than expected, as the reviews did not speak highly of their customer service. I guess because of that the girls and I didn't have much expectations, instead we were quite surprised by how attentive and friendly they turned out to be.

Summit Restaurant Next Stop Food
Sunset along the business district landscape, pan seared scallops & yamba prawns w/grilled corn, chipotle, pancetta & basil $37, korobuta crisp skin pork belly, late summer figs, spices, raw almonds & salad $32 

The scallops and prawns was presented like an artwork and definitely got a few photos on each camera. The pork belly was uh-so delicately soft and with it's crispy skin to top it off and with just the right portion of salad to mix; it definitely was the favourite so far. 

Summit Restaurant Next Stop Food
milly hill lamb confit shoulder & radish cake, double cutlet w/lavender honey parsnip, verjuice & pear $49, roasted snapper fillet w/spinach gnocchi, peppers & candied tomato & tapenade $46, glazed duck breast cardamom & agave, prune paste, scorched onions, walnuts & mint $48, blue eye cod fillet butter poached & grilled w/fresh made butter, garlic mushrooms, lemon & herbs $47

The double lamb cutlet looked mouthwatering and was easily demolished by the birthday girl. The spinach gnocchi lacked a hint of spinach flavour as I do love my spinach, although the gnocchi did just simply melt in the mouth. Unfortunately, the snapper was slightly overcooked. The glazed duck breast was super tender as it was cooked just right. While the blue cod fillet was moist and portion size was decent. 

Summit Restaurant Next Stop Food
A must-have sparkling to celebrate the special birthday, baby gem salad w/apple, fennel, verjuice & hazelnuts $11, broccoli w/red chilli & ginger $11

A perfect dinner cannot lack a sparkling, especially to celebrate our dearest Jessica's birthday. It was the birthday girl's first time having apples in her green salads, so while the rest of us thought the kitchen was stingy on tossing a few more slices of apples. It turned out, Jessica had helped herself to most of them.  Guess, the girl heart her apples. It was also Cassie's first time in eating greens in such generous amounts, it definitely was a proud moment for Felicia and I to witness our anti-vegie friend to the super food. Although the taste of the chilli & ginger at the bottom of the dish ruined a few of the super food as it got too salty. 

Summit Restaurant Next Stop Food
 CBD, hot three citrus soufflĂ© double cream posset, orange sugar $23, peanut butter, chocolate & honeycomb parfait chocolate ribbon, peanut praline candy $19 

There is always a second stomach for dessert when it comes to us foodies. The dessert was presented beautifully and definitely handle with care as the fine slice of the chocolate ribbon topped it off. While many of us preferred the honeycomb parfait, it really was the citrus soufflĂ© that won our hearts as it was happily in our second stomach within minutes. 

The revolving restaurant gave us many memorable moments as a few of us witnessed our first marriage proposal (no, it wasn't either of us haha! ) and a 25th wedding anniversary dinner (the husband had proposed to his wife at The Summit 25 years ago, now that's an anniversary dinner that he can't do wrong)

I would definitely recommend this restaurant to readers who is looking for a special occasion, that special someone and/or your loved ones for a night to remember. It is a revolving restaurant after all.




  1. I just want to know who built this revolving restaurant. Please give me a reply, thank you!

    1. Hi,
      Sorry for the late reply, according to wiki, Australia Square was constructed by Civil and Civic.


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