Monday, May 21, 2012

Tony Roma – “Is Winter making everything dry!?”

Tony Roma

Restaurant: Tony Roma |       [Updated 30/7/14 - Closed]

Location: 121-123 Sussex Street  Sydney NSW 2000
Cuisine: American
Rating: 6/10 – the meat was dry but serving was generous.

We went to Tony Roma’s for Mother’s Day because my mum was craving for their ribs. We arrived 15 minutes early but we were given a seat straight away. For entrée, we order the Tony Roma’s sampler which is a trio of appetizers with 2 Chicken wings and a drumstick, Spinach Artichoke Dip, flatbreads and Half Onion Loaf matched with Bleu cheese dressing, salsa, sour cream and BBQ dipping sauce ($29.15). 

Tony Roma Next Stop Food

I must admit, I have a soft spot when it comes to onion rings, I LOVE onions rings! The onion rings were presented as a round loaf, they were lightly battered so we could indulge in them without feeling too guilty. This was the best dish of the meal. The chicken drumstick and wings were flavoursome on the outside but dry inside. My sister and I have secret love for blue cheese, unfortunately Tony Roma’s bleu cheese sauce does not taste anything like blue cheese! The Spinach Artichoke Dip was so runny, we just ate the spinach with a fork. The salsa sauce was the best out of all the four sauces.

Then for mains, we ordered full original slab of baby ribs ($43.90) and salmon piccata ($38.40). The ribs, having to be famous, I was expecting it to be tender and moist. I guess having high expectations sometimes is a bad thing because I was so disappointed and had to ask for more barbeque sauce to make the meat less dry! Having to cook ribs before, mine was a lot more tender than Tony Roma’s, definitely have to make it again for the girls :) For the sides, we had coleslaw and corn, they were average tasting.

My sister had salmon, which was dry as well, and again, the salmon we cook at home is so much better, perhaps it’s because we usually get them from fresh from the Fish Markets! The carrots were sweet as well as cute though. Throughout the meal, I had to ask 3 times for a glass of hot water and finally after 20 minutes, it arrived.

We had a coupon from the Entertainment book so we had 10% off our bill. I would recommend this place to meat lovers because there’s all you can eat ribs for $39.90(pork riblets), $49.90(Lamb ribs) and $59.90(beef ribs). And of course, order the onion loaf as an entrée! Oh, do NOT go here on a first date eating ribs because there’s a high chance that sauce will somehow end up on your face because when I got home and wash my face, there were faint sauce smears near my mouth.
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  1. I love the idea of cooking ribs for the girls! Thankyou, Feli! (: xx


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