Sunday, June 03, 2012

Opera Bar - "perfect weeknight out"

 Opera Bar 

Restaurant: Opera Bar | 

Location: Lower Concourse Level, Sydney Opera House
Cuisine: Bar,  Modern Australian
Rating: 8/10 –able to wine and dine with a spectacular view of the harbour

Opera Bar was chosen for a light dinner because of its proximity to the Opera House as I scored free tickets to the Symphony Orchestra which featured the band and choir group from Pittwater High School (NSW) and New Trier High School (the students fund raised their own flights and expenses to have the opportunity to travel all the way from Illinois, USA to Sydney). Many thanks to Aunt Mary for the tickets. 

Although the event was on a weeknight, the bar and the strip of the quay was still buzzing with Sydneysiders and tourists; the weather was perfect; not too cold and not too warm and definitely not wet compared to what the Sydney weather currently is. It was the best excuse to meet the girls for a mini catchup before my UNIV trip. And what better way to spend the night than with a sparkling and some light meals to follow.

 Opera Bar  Next Stop Food
 Uninterrupted view of the harbour, onion rings w/ paprika aioli $10, opera bar tasting plate for two $48

The onion rings was cooked perfectly with a light batter and combined with the aioli it simply was divine and it was way too easy to snack on (Cassie will return for these onion rings baby anytime) The tasting plate was for two but for a light dinner, it was just the right quantity for the four of us. The char sui chicken bun saw Felicia give a slight comparison to the one she had at Momofuku's (re: pork belly in steamed bun), guess the one here could be a cheaper alternative? 

The figs with goats cheese and rocket was the first time I ever tried a fresh fig, as I have an issue with the texture of dried figs. It turns out, I quite like fresh figs as it is not OTT with sweetness, and this saw me craving for more. The lamb and pea pies weren't approved by the majority of us as the pastry was a tad too thick and the fillings was way too chunky for a mini pie like this one. Luckily, the mushroom & gruyere croquettes got us ooozing as cheese and mushroom is a never-without-fail combo and with cheese gushing out, it got the tick of approval by us cheese lovers. 

 Opera Bar  Next Stop Food

sparkling,  symphony orchestra, pizza: margarita, tomato, mozzarella, basil $18

Yes, it was a Wednesday night and all of us had work the next day but that didn't stop us from ordering a sparkling to celebrate the mid-week blues. A light pizza for our light dinner was a well chosen main as it was heavy enough to fill our tummies (thankyou carbs!) but light enough to not give us food comas. With that said, Jess and Cassie may have closed their eyes during the symphony (not sure if they simply wanted to appreciate the music by closing their eyes or was the food coma coming into effect? hahahaha). Nevertheless, we all appreciated the perfect evening weather(and the free tickets!) and it was a great night out with my foodie girls. 

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