Friday, July 13, 2012

Berowra Waters Inn - "You'll always be Missed"

I’ve heard about Berowra Waters Inn years ago, somehow I STILL haven’t visited the restaurant maybe because it is so far away. But I had my heart set on the restaurant this year so during April, I booked a table for 5 to celebrate my birthday at October (yes, I do plan ahead of time!).

My daily activity includes reading newspaper, especially articles regarding food, and I came across this article ( 

As I was reading the article, I knew about the other restaurants like Cotton Duck, Bilson’s and Etch, then as I read, the list of closed restaurants included Berowra Waters Inn, my heart shattered a little.  Still having a little hope that the article might be wrong and perhaps they were just implying the closed accommodation that the restaurant used to have, I went onto their website, and my heart COMPLETELY shattered.

I was surprised and disappointed that I have to learn about the closing down of the restaurant through reading the paper, but not through notification from the restaurant regarding my reservation. I cannot imagine the embarrassment that I have to bear if we arrived to the closed restaurant during October…  but who knows! There’s a slight possibility that the restaurant will re-open (as stated in their website).

Bye Berowra Waters Inn... You’ll be always missed by me because I haven’t had the opportunity to devour your food. I hope you will re-open when the recession is finally over.


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