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Golden Kingdom: not fit for a King!

Restaurant: Golden Kingdom | Link   [Updated 30/7/14 - Closed]
Location: 147 Anzac Parade, Kensington
Cuisine: Chinese
Rating: 4/10

A month ago, I was here for a birthday dinner as our friend loves Chinese food and this restaurant. The group of us is still struggling to understand why it is though. (Note: there were asians and non-asians at the two tables and we all claimed we have had better Chinese dishes elsewhere)

There was around 20 of us so the birthday girl had ordered the Banquet menu (just checked on their website and it didn't have the Banquet listed *shrugs). Entree was a deep fried dim sim, spring roll and prawn toast for each person. I didn't take a photo because I thought meh it's only deep fried things but boy, was I wrong - it was good dim sim and the prawn toast was simply divine *mnmmm the oils, sesame and all the fried goodness :p . I'm usually not a fan of fried dim sim cause like most Chinese I'd much prefer the steam ones but this one made me want one after another :D

The next up was the deep fried 5 spiced squid which really IMO was really 5 salts and not 5 different spices. It was also filled with the oil goodness but the OD on salt became a tad too much for us to handle. The mains started to arrive (after a long and tiresome wait) were the Mongolian Lamb (on the Chef's suggestion) which probably would have been the favourite of the night - evident cause we used the sauce to drench our fried rice. The Mongolian lamb would have been a decent job but for $18.80 I know I can get that from my favourite take out place for half the price. The fried rice doesn't require much description besides from tasteless and doesn't appear it has been in the wok at all.

Our waiter claimed the bestseller is the Peking shredded beef (waiter stood by our table to ensure we all had a taste - even after that he wouldn't leave until our friend dropped the hint we are not fans of dried beef sticks! ) These beef sticks are like fried dried sticks of batter soaked in peking sauce while drenching all the juicy fat and any succulent flavour the dish could have had. I love beef and love peking sauce but hard beef sticks that have no taste of beef whatsoever is not my liking nor for the 20 of us.  Can someone please explain why this dish is claimed to be the bestselller?

The boneless lemon chicken could have been my favourite main as I heart lemon chicken to the max, but the layer of the fried goodness was falling off (sorry,i t could be just me but I think it's so unappealing when it's not intact) and the sauce lacked the acidic flavour that it should be.

In the photo you can also catch a glimpse of the stir fried vegetables mixed with fish and scallops. The two dishes was the REAL sell-out as the seafood was fresh and tender, with a large sum of assorted greens. (couldn't get a photo cause we all dived in the dishes, since the beef and chicken disappointed us)

Honestly, the biggest appointment was the dessert; for a banquet menu our dessert was a fortune cookie each and a fruit platter (from memory, I think it was only orange slices). Not only have we all had better chinese food elsewhere and at much cheaper prices, but the customer service was not up to scratch at all. Yes, it was a busy night but the time it took them to bring us tea/water to the two tables was around when the mains have already been served and the tea.... was cold.

Customer service had slightly improved when our waiter stood by our table which he had demand us to eat the beef sticks and was more than happy to serve us beverages (when almost 80% of the restaurant was empty). Sorry buddy but we don't tip you when you only serve us at the end of our meal.

The restaurant has some good dishes (fried dim sims! and stir fried green vegetables w/seafood) but for the price it's at - I won't be back anytime soon and especially with the level of customer service. I'd much rather order take out food at half the price and with zero to minimal customer service expectation.

Just remember to order their fried goodies and do try their bestseller if you're eager for dried beef sticks!



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