Saturday, July 28, 2012

Red Lantern on Riley: We got served...

Restaurant: Red Lantern on Riley | Link
Location: 60 Riley Street, Surry Hills 
Cuisine: Indochine Vietnamese

The newly open of RL on Riley was perfectly timed as it was just about time to satisfy our cravings for more quirky Vietnamese dishes (visit to the Crown here) Or maybe it was simply the awesomely yummy Aunty 5's rice cakes that we were all dreaming about mmmm...
scallops $4 each, aunty 5’s rice cakes $16, lightly battered chilli salted squid $23, pan-fried tofu $18 

The squid was light and tasty as always, unfortunately the rice cakes were slightly disappointing, not sure if it was because our memories of the yummyness failed us but this time it lacked a bit of crunch and taste. Nevertheless, we will still be back for Aunty 5 - but maybe another visit to the one on Crown instead?

mid-course: rice flour crepes $28

The crepes which was served by Mr. Luke Nguyen himself  :D 
We subtly told him we've never had/seen the mid-course before (Note: Crown doesn't have mid courses) so Mr. Luke himself was more than happy to explain to us the way the crepe was prepared and how it should be eaten. Of course, all us girls just oogled at him during the entire explanation (or was it just me?), while I was still trying to digest the fact that the awesome Mr. Luke Nguyen just served us. Ladies, there's no need for a review on this course cause I'd say simply order the dish and hope that you will get served the same way we did.

roasted burrawong pekin duck $38, water spinach $16, King Salmon $36, burrawong pasture raised chicken $35 

The pekin duck that we could eat forever !! the duck was packed with flavours from the spices and the orange sauce; the taste was simply mind-blowing for the palate. The King Salmon braised with caramel sauce was divine and the pieces of fish was cooked to perfection (you may remember the seafood dishes on Crown was not so much). 

organic banana fritters $15, sesame and rice flour dumplings, black sticky rice with seasonal poached fruit $15
O HAI!! look who joined us at the table? :p  if only this kind of service was all the time, then we'll all be spoiled hehe

Banana fritters is their bestseller and indeed it has its reasons cause this was gone in a flash. Next time I'll definitely take the waiter's advice and order one just for myself - mmm moreish for me = yummies. The rice flour dumplings was a tad too floury and we all agreed we have had better ones in Chinese restaurants aka yum cha. My favourite black sticky rice dessert was the most disappointing of the night as the rice was undercooked. I hope this was a one-off miss cause undercooked rice in general is a no no >< 

To sum it up, should you go to Crown or Riley?well it depends, if you want to see the awesome and talented Mr. Luke himself (I'd say Riley!) and to take snippets of the French Colonial Vietnam decor. However, for a moreish dose of Aunty 5's rice cakes I'd say Crown! ummm .. so now tell me which one would you choose?

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  1. Candice I think you ogled at Luke Nguyen WAY more than the rest of us :)

  2. Well, Candice was in her little bubble all night ... :P
    Not forgetting that Luke Ngyuen took a photo of you with YOUR camera :)


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