Sunday, August 12, 2012

Blacksheep - "Funky Bar ?"

Restaurant/Bar: Blacksheep
Location: 256 King St Newtown, NSW 2042
Cuisine: Tapas

To satisfy my sudden craving for wine, Cassie and I decided to google bars in Newtown as all bars there are known for having a nice vibe and there's street parking, unlike the city. Cassie chose to go to "Funky Bar", which is near my favourite gelato place Gelatomassi. But from my memory, the bar I went with my sister near Gelatomassi was called Blacksheep and looking into Funky Bar's website, the decor looks EXACTLY like Blacksheep - I concluded that my memory is getting worse.

We head over to Newtown after work and arrived to the street address of Funky Bar - my memory did not fail me ! The bar IS called Blacksheep and when i got home Mr. Google informed me that Blacksheep replaced ex- Funky Bar.

The ambience was cozy and the wait staff were attentive and friendly. To start of our evening, we had the JJ Hahn Cabernet Sauvignon $42. It was smooth and easy to drink - my wine craving is fulfilled !

Our food came quickly after we ordered. The mushrooms with confit garlic $6 came first and it was an appetizing dish to begin with our dinner. Then came the Sweet Potato Crisps with Aioli $6, every crisp that I had were crispy, however Cassie was unlucky as the first few crisp she got was soggy.. We demolished the aioli in no time and had to ask for more.

Then came our Chorizo with coriander and sherry $12, the savory-sweet balance of the chorizo and sherry was perfect, but we wished there were more bread! The Chicken drum kit with bbq dipping 
sauce $12, was a bit dry but the sauce, again, was amazing.

The disappointment of the night was the Freeform Eggplant lasagne with ricotta $12, everything was tasteless, even the pesto on top of the eggplant! I found it difficult to finish the dish as it was so bland (I usually don't like to waste food). We did not try the dessert as Gelatomassi was next door..

Doing this blog post reminded me of how carefree my life during late June and July was, now my Masters semester has commenced, I don't think I have as much opportunities to dine out :( 

Overall, Blacksheep is a good bar to enjoy good wine and food without talking over blaring music. As Blacksheep only offers sides, tapas and desserts, it wouldn't be suitable if you are looking to have a proper dinner. There are also mini burgers $12 on the tapas menu which we will try if we visit Blacksheep again.
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  1. Google needs to update their map :P
    and Funky Bar may need to remove their website in general, or if they've moved to update their address ..


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