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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gelatomassi - "Simply Heavenly"

Place: Gelatomassi
Location: 262 King Street Newtown NSW
Cuisine: Gelato

I discovered this Gelato place when I studied in USyd - everytime after $6 thai lunches, we will convince ourselves that we HAVE to get gelato to get a sugar high in preparation for the tiresome lectures. But needless to say, the so-called sugar high was just an excuse because we usually end up taking cat naps in class.

We probably have tried all gelato places in Newtown and the flavours of the other shops cannot beat Gelatomassi. Everytime when I have friends from overseas visiting, I would take them here for dessert! Their gelato is not sweet to the point where you cannot taste the flavours - it's very well balanced. Also, their flavours are MINDBLOWING, who would have known that Italians can produce Black Sesame gelato better than the Japanese???

They are open till late, so you can definitely go there for dessert and coffee after dinner and I can assure you that you will sleep well that night after having the heavenly gelatos.

Here's my suggestion of flavours that you must try:

- Apple Crumble
This is the flavour that I ALWAYS rave on about to my friends. I love the "crumbles" they put into the gelato, sadly, it's not always available

- Pistachio
They make best pistachio gelato I've ever tasted

- Red Velvet Cheesecake

- Black Sesame
True black sesame flavour, it was as if I'm eating the Chinese Black Sesame dessert but can be eaten in a cone!

- Raspberry Sorbet  
Absolutely LOVE the crunchiness of the raspberry seeds and the balance of flavour is impeccable 

Let us know about your favourite flavours!
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  1. omgs LOVE gelatomassi! you're right, the pistachio there is the best!

  2. The Black Sesame sounds like it's to die for! We're always on the hunt for creamy delicious gelato :)


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