Thursday, September 27, 2012

La Cita - "Good Valued Scoopon Deal with a view"

PlaceLa Cita
Location: 9 Lime Street Sydney NSW 2000 (it's along King St Wharf, not Lime Street)
Cuisine: Latin

I went to La Cita with my sister, Joyce, around a month and a half ago when the wind was so strong that it could blow you away (absolutely LOVING the weather right now!). Joyce bought Scoopon vouchers for Seafood Feast for Two and Bottle of Wine or Jug of Sangria ($49) and I placed no high expectations for the food because the deal seemed too good to be true. 

We arrived at the restaurant with our hair flying in different directions thanks to the gale force wind and were allocated to sit at the outdoor marquee area. With our bodies fighting to keep warm, we asked if we could sit inside, but because we are using the voucher, we could only sit outdoor. But luckily, the plastic marquee blocked most of the wind and the waiter automatically turned on the heater on both sides of our table. We warmed up quite quickly with our heads feeling particularly hot.

We ordered the Sangria because I had to drive so sharing a whole bottle of wine is a no-no! The table next to us ordered the wine and they said it was good (we all know that wine can go terribly wrong). The Sangria was delicious, it was fruity with a hint of alcohol – it was perfect for a Friday after work drink! The food arrived shortly and the tray was MASSIVE, we didn’t know where to start!

Seafood Feast (Apologies for the poor quality of the picture due to poor lighting)
I started with the Pacific Oysters with House-Made Salsa Fresca and the oyster was sweet and the salsa acted as a really tasty compliment. The Balmain Bug, Grilled Barramundi and Grilled Tiger Prawns were fresh and not overcooked. But I had to add a bit of salt and pepper for the fish as it lacked a bit of flavouring (Sometimes I wonder if it’s my tastebud’s problem because I always comment that there’s not enough flavouring, but two tables next to us had to add salt and pepper too).

The Salt & Pepper Calamari and Cocktail Prawns were nicely battered and were still hot! The Chipotle Chilli Mayo was soooo flavorsome, we finished the little bowl of mayo with our crispy chips. Mmm I feel like some of that mayo now.. The deal also included fresh salad which we happily demolished.

The only let down was the Tomato & Chilli Black Mussels, the tomato based sauce/soup was literally tasteless, it was like water but it’s red, and the mussels were shrivelled. But this flaw can be looked over as all the other seafood was so fine! 

To be honest, I was quite surprised by the quality of seafood given the price and I will definitely come here again for the Sangria especially with the weather all calmed down now! The service was great even though they knew we were using the coupon, it felt weird leaving the restaurant without giving any tips.

This Scoopon deal is probably one of the best that Joyce has purchased and it’s without doubt worth its price given the quality of the seafood.

If you've tried other food in La Cita before, let us know what you think about it !

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