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Fenix - "Wait.. There's more!"

Restaurant: Fenix
Location: 680 Victoria Street, Richmond, Vic, 3121
After watching Masterchef Australia for 3 seasons, I somehow like Gary Mehigan out of all the three judges. So when we decided to go to Melbourne, first thing that came on my mind was FENIX – we HAVE to go.

On their website, the view from Fenix looked picturesque, so we decided to go there for lunch so we can enjoy the view while we are having their food. However, the view was not the same as what it is shown on the website, perhaps it’s because it is still Spring/Winter, but the river is yellow and the trees did not look lively.

Complementary bread with dukkah, olive oil and rock salt

We were informed that Gary offers a To Share Menu which includes 3 entrées, 2 mains, 1 side and 2 desserts for $69 per person. We agreed to get that because it sounded too good to miss!

'Jamón' croquettes w pimentón mayonnaise

When our entrées came, we were astonished by the quantity (not that we were complaining). The croquettes were perfectly fried, the two Spanish components, Jamón and the pimentón (which is Spanish Paprika – Thanks Google!) mayonnaise complemented each other perfectly. We got 2 each and because Candice didn’t want to have her second serving, so I had 3 and decided to abandon my "diet".

Kingfish ceviche with watermelon, feta & coriander shoot salad

The Kingfish Ceviche was without a SINGLE doubt our favourite dish of the day, rephrase, it’s our favourite dish for the month! We are still salivating when we think about the kingfish. The fish was fresh and was flawlessly matched with the spices, watermelon, feta and coriander. Even though it seemed like a lot of spices from the picture, I can assure you that it did not over power the taste of the fish.

Pressed rabbit & peppered bacon terrine, 'Waldorf' salad, toasted brioche

I was sceptical about trying rabbit, because I was born in the year of Rabbit, but because everyone hadn’t tried rabbit before, we ordered the terrine. Surprisingly, the rabbit tasted alright and the fig jam went well with it. The brioche was tasty but nothing can go wrong with butter, right? The Waldorf salad had too much dressing and I couldn’t really taste the celery.

Us and our table FILLED with delightful food

Then came our mains, the waiter brought us two plates and we said “Thank you!” as we always do. Then after a few seconds, another waiter came with 2 more plates, and we were shocked by the amount of food on our table! That $69 is REALLY worth it. Then our sides came and again, we have 2 plates.

Squid ink risotto, seared Japanese scallops, green asparagus salad

The risotto needed a bit more salt and pepper but it was perfectly cooked, as were the seared scallops.

Leatherwood honey glazed duck breast, roasted fennel & orange glaze

The duck was succulent but Jess did not really like the amount of cumin seeds on the duck, but the seeds could be easily brushed off. The roasted fennel and orange glaze created a harmony in my mouth and I happily finished the fennel. By this point, Jess was COMPLETELY full and couldn’t eat anymore. 

Wild rocket salad, walnuts, pecorino, caramelised vinegar dressing

The balance of saltiness from the pecorino, the peppery rocket and sweet pear was wonderful, the dressing brought the flavours together and the walnuts added another dimension to the dish.

Baked orange cheesecake, citrus salad, blood orange sorbet

Then our desserts came and of course, there were 2 dishes for both desserts. We thought the baked cheesecake would be heavy, but it was unexpectedly light and the sourness from the citrus and sorbet helped us (well.. mainly me) digest.

White coffee crème brûlée, home made florentines
The crème brûlée was mouth-watering, it was not too sweet and coffee taste was decent. I nearly finished the whole dessert even thought I was sharing with Candice. The quality of Florentines, however, was inconsistent; the ones on Cassie and Jess’s sharing dish were different from ours but they did not really like the texture of it.

Because we finished our lunch quite late at around 3:30pm, we were the last ones in the restaurant. But the wait staffs were very polite and did not rush us to leave. In conclusion, we LOVE the food there, especially the Kingfish Ceviche (which we will definitely come back for) and the service was attentive and professional. The quantity and quality of food for $69 was undeniably worth its price. This was the reason why our tummy could not fit a lot of food in World Bar. I suggest that if you do try their To Share Menu, come with an empty stomach (we had Lindt 1.5 hours before our lunch).

So.. Tell us, will you go to Fenix to try their Kingfish Ceviche?


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  1. I've always wondered what Fenix would be like! Thanks for the review :D


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