Sunday, October 07, 2012

Lindt Café "It's never too late for ... "

Restaurant: Lindt Café
Location: 271 Collins Street, Melbourne

You know when you’re on holidays and your stomach is rumbling telling you that everything you see and smell is simply divine? It also doesn’t help that the four of us arrived in Melbourne late Friday night and simply went to bed with talking stomachs.

Being the first day in Melbourne late Saturday morning, we were still trying to work out our bearings, until we stumbled across Lindt Café. Against our better judgement, at that current moment it seemed perfectly acceptable to walk in there to have a quick bite considering our lunch we had booked was due in the next two hours.

The sad thing is, we were all hoping to try all the awesome little café’s Melbourne has to offer and then you see us walking into Lindt, something Sydney easily offers us.

I had ordered the hot chocolate, and it’s always fun to order a hot chocolate in Lindt as you get to add in your own amount of chocolate to your liking! How sweet is too sweet?

Jess and Feli shared a waffle, “It’s never too early for ice cream!” exclaims our very own ice cream lover Feli. Though apparently their waffle had a tinge of "freezer" taste.

Candice had the toasted sour dough with jam. Two pieces of sourdough had come in a wired basket along side two side plates of jam. That’s a might lot of jam for two slices of sourdough. I guess it was tasty however, as Candice was munching away, using not even half of one of her side plates.

I had ordered the chocolate croissant; I guess I was just excited for fresh pastry! The delicious crunch, but was met with a spread of Lindt chocolate in the middle of a soggy croissant.

But alls good, we had stomachs that were happy that they were fed.

It also made us anticipate for our next meal though.

… and what would be our next meal in Melbourne???

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- Cass x


  1. Wow I didn't realise that there was a Lindt cafe in Melbourne now. They're great for late night sugar rushes :P

  2. @ NGN I know right, was a little "Ohhh Lindt!" But I guess it was bound to happen :)
    Late night sugar high! :D

  3. I *love* Lindt cafes. Everything is so delish!

  4. @thehungrymum I love their hot chocolate HAHAHA ... though I've only tried milk chocolate, I think next time, I'll try the dark chocolate mmm~~
    I think I'm due for a sugar hit now! HAHA!

  5. actually the one in Southgate is better than the one in the city. The one in Southgate has much better quality food


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