Thursday, October 11, 2012

World Restaurant & Bar - "A Spicy Surprise"

Location: Shop 4, Building 2, Riverside Quay, Southbank 

World Restaurant & Bar is located right on the river's edge amongst many other restaurants that we would love to try when we go to Melbourne next time.

We had booked this restaurant/bar in advanced because Cassie had RAVED about their chips with aioli from her Melbourne trip last year. Being there on a Saturday night, both the bar and the restaurant area was packed and the music was loud so we had to talk louder than usual.

Their wine list is extensive with more than 50 wine from different countries, we ordered a bottle of red from Spain and it was smooth and easy to drink – Can’t think of a better way to start our Saturday night!

After our VERY tummy fulfilling lunch at Fenix (post coming up soon), since we cannot fit a “proper” dinner not much was ordered.

Veggie Platter - Stuffed bell peppers, artichokes & feta, tempura zucchini flower, olives, marinated vegetables, zucchini fritters, hummus, Sardinian flat bread $29

Firstly, we ordered the Veggie Platter and were all excited about the fritters, sadly there wasn’t enough to share, there was only 1 zucchini flower and 2 zucchini fritters and the fritters could be crispier. The stuffed peppers with feta were delicious and our taste buds were shocked by the unexpected spicy kick to it (for those who can’t take spicy food – beware!). The marinated vegetables and artichokes were zesty and therefore appetizing. The flat bread was oh-so-nice!! It was light and it went well with the smooth hummus.

Olives & almonds, Sardinian flat bread $11

I asked the waitress if we could just have olives but she must have misunderstood me and gave me the Olives & Almonds, which turned out to be a nice surprise as we thought the almonds would just be plain almonds but it turned out to be almonds fried with spices. Sadly for Candice and Jess, they couldn’t eat too much of these because hot like the stuffed peppers.

Hot chips, lashings of aioli $9

Last but not least, Cassie’s famous hot chips! It lived up to our expectation, it was crispy and fluffy at the same time and the aioli was heavenly. If it gets too heavy, tomato sauce is provided as a dipping as well, but you probably won't need it because the aioli is just amazing. 

I'm craving for their hot chips and aioli as I type... Let us know if you have a favourite place for hot chips and aioli !

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  1. Mmm hot chips and aioli is such a delicious treat isn't it? Heaven! :D

  2. I'm glad you liked it. I mean I did too. Next time go for the pizza deal as the pizzas are outstanding

    1. Next time when we come to Melbourne again, we'll give the pizza deal a try :) Thanks for the recommendation!


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