Thursday, November 08, 2012

Cafe Insieme - “A quick bite with a bathroom provided”

Restaurant : Cafe Insieme
Location: Shop 6&7, 306 Little Collins Street , Melbourne
After a night out on the town in Melbourne, we decided to go venture for breakfast (brunch by that time) in the Causeway lane. As we were walking through we were approached by the waitstaff and she offered us a great deal. A Salmon Atlantic, including a free coffee and a bathroom for us all.

Salmon Atlantic

Inside the cafe it had a great feel, as it was decorated with Italian flags, created the decor. From start to finish the customer service was excellent. The wait staff were very helpful in explaining the meals and deals they had that day.
Eggs Benedict

After looking at the menu, we decided on our meals and ordered. Cassie had the Eggs benedict with Ham, Felicia and myself had the bacon and eggs and Candice had the “Salmon Atlantic” (salmon, spinach and poached eggs).

Scrambled eggs, bacon & hash brown

Scrambled eggs, bacon & mushrooms

Unfortunately, the food didn’t compare to the service. The restaurant was pretty busy and it seemed only the owner/chef was cooking the meals. When we received our meals, the toast was not even toasted, Cassie’s Ham was not even cooked. All in all my hash brown was the best part of the meal.

Sorry this sounds like a hating post, but it wasn’t a great experience. Soon after we went and got more Lord of the fries to sooth our appetites
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