Friday, November 09, 2012

Lord Of The Fries - “Fries in a cone…what more can a person ask for?!”

Restaurant: Lord of The Fries

Fries in a cone!!

This was my first time having fries (chips) in a cone shaped container. The variety of accompaniments that you can order alongside your original order, makes this place unique and a very tasty experience. I wasn’t feeling very bold, so I stuck with what I knew and ordered the fries with Aioli Garlic Mayo sauce. The fries were very delicious and I definitely wish I could order them on a regular occasion.

Onion rings

This was one of the memorable moments of the trip. All of us could not get over how delicious the food was at this store. The girls ordered onion rings and after that, we wanted to eat them again and again. Definitely a must try experience and I hope the rumours are true and they open a store in Sydney.

Very happy with fries in a cone!!

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  1. Hubby wouldn't let us stop by here the last time we were in Melbourne! I was dying to try the fries :S

    1. You definitely have to try them when you're in Melbourne next (: and do let us know if you order any of the more exotic flavours


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