Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Melbourne Street Food

Location: 30 Hardware Lane, Melbourne

You spend four whole days with three other girls, and you all just talk and split into groups of two. Everyone talks, and you listen – you talk, others listen.  We walk up the street of Hardware lane looking for our little patisserie, which many have recommended we try for macarons.

It’s not like the lane was long, but being short on time due to our flight in less than three hours – it was “long”. But we got to the end of the lane, and still could not find our little store. That is when Jess says, “I asked you girls if this is what we were looking for, back there.” Yes, throughout our four days together, we had actually tuned out on one another more than we should have.

So, we backtracked. It wasn’t entirely our fault to have missed it, there really wasn’t a sign and the store was rather small. But it was our fault to have all tuned out on our dear friend. Actually, I do believe Feli or Candice heard Jess, but had misunderstood her – thus just merely nodded at her and kept trekking on.

I’m not one to usually buy macarons as I believe they are over priced for such a small little piece of delicacy. But with everyone talking about how good it was, and I admit the pretty design of the store, I could not resist. I am a sucker for such pretty girly things, and this was just that. Sadly, due to time – I could not snap photos of the store.

The flavours they offered were different; Candice mentioned the Mo√ęt and blackcurrent was her favourite. It was so delicious that she was incoherent.

$15 for six. $30 for twelve.

I managed to try two flavours before my family had devoured the rest when I got back to Sydney. The salted caramel was simply divine; I loved how all the flavours balanced so well. The shell was over a crunch on the outside and the chewy-ness in the middle. Nom Nom~

The pistachio was nothing out of the ordinary, or maybe I was just still floating on my salted caramel heaven when I was eating pistachio. So, I wasn’t blown away by it as much.

Never the less,  it is worth a try if you really do like your macarons – like Candice. Where is your favourite macaron store, or are you like me – these little things are too expensive for it’s size when I can pay $1-2 more and I’ll get a slice of cake!


Restaurant: Baci
Location: Ground Level, Crown Entertainment Complex, 8 Whiteman Street, South Bank

We finish lunch and head over to look for our DFO. However, the walk over we see a nice little stand of gelato, what better way to finish lunch? The cold winds was not even a factor to stop us from buying this!

Feli and my eyes simply sparkled with delight once we say the boysenberry!  Not many places offer the flavour, and we were so excited. After trying various flavours, I had opted for one scoop of … BOYSENBERRY! And Feli had the Baci and Boysenberry.

The boysenberry was seriously so yummy! The sweet boysenberry was just enough for me to constantly eat my ice cream for more. Ahh … thinking about it again makes me want some more.

The Baci was a delicious chocolate hazelnut gelato which offered pieces of hazelnut which offered a nice crunch in Feli’s ice cream.

After such an experience, and considering we were already late to catch the shuttle bus we decided to visit Baci again as we were walking back to the hotel to pick up our luggage.

The boysenberry was a must have for Feli and I – and we told Candice “you have to have it” It also had to be the one on the bottom, so we finish our ice cream with the “better” flavour. Our additional flavour was honeycomb, it was nice but after eating it for a bit – you may either get too used to the honey or the honey taste simply just disappears…

Candice also had the blood orange, it had a funny after taste – she ended up throwing it out.

Do you know where there are some really nice Boysenberry ice cream in Sydney, as typing this up has me wanting some right now!!

- Cassie x

Cafe Baci on Urbanspoon La Belle Miette on Urbanspoon

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