Thursday, December 13, 2012

Est. - "Mirror Mirror on the Wall"

Restaurant: Est.
Cuisine: Modern Australian

Feli had always known where she had wanted to have her birthday, and it was planned months ahead that we will be going to Berowa Waters. However, she came across the papers and was upset at how it was published to be closing up – and we never received a call. But no fear, there was no trouble thinking where we should go now, as Est has always been on her mind also.

Before I start, I do apologise for the photos. The romantic atmosphere in the restaurant was seriously … no help at all to show their delicious food!

So, we start off by having the HUGE dilemma of whether we should just order a la carte or the chef’s menu. Which is the same menu really, but with the chef’s menu (which we ended up going with) was $150.00 pp for four courses.

I’d love to write about the other food, which was ordered that night, however … I’ll only be able to offer what my palate had experienced.

 White tea consomm√©, venison tataki, beef tendon, Yuba, turnips and shiitake

First off, the white tea consomm√©, venison tataki, beef tendon, Yuba, turnips and shiitake; Like hello glorious food! I’ve never come across the word “Yuba” before let alone knowing what it was – a quick google search (thanks to the creation of smart phones) and we were all in understanding “Bean Curd Skin” – now that, I know what it is! We learn something new every day, don’t we?

Smooth and slippery the Yuba slides into my mouth and down my throat, like mm…mmm..mmmmm~~ I search for the tataki and simply eat it quickly, the white tea consomm√© was not too strong, which was a bit of a concern for me to begin with afraid that it would overpower every element in this dish – but it was perfect!

steamed murray cod fillet, shaved abalone, snow peas, black fungi, ginger - green shallot vinaigrette

The waiter places a spoon next to me prior to him drizzling the sauce on my dish. A spoon? “You will need the spoon to drink up that vinaigrette”. Usually, I don’t “drink” my sauces, but once I tried the fish drizzled with the vinaigrette I knew instantly that tonight was the night of firsts! It was sweet, sour, and a hit of the ginger all hit me at once. An explosion of flavours having a sweet slow dance in my mouth! And yes, there was no a drop left on my plate – thanks spoon!

A little wait, and a visit to the bathroom – where Candice exclaims, “Why didn’t I bring my camera in here with me?!” Yes, there were pretty mirrors inside and along the walk to and from the bathroom. Don’t fear, she remembered to bring the camera with her for her next visit.

glazed beef cheek, caramelised onion, shaved cucumber, grilled leeks, celtuce leaf puree

Oh food can wait? Our food sat and was waiting for our return – SORRY FOOD! And sorry photo … BUT LIKE OH MY GOOOOOOODNESSSSS … If you ever want the most succulent and mouth watering beef cheek … this is the place. Though, you may be disappointed because you put it in your mouth and um … it … disappears!! It melts, and … yum. That is all I can say. HAHA sorry, worst description for something that was so good. Ironic.

Valrhona Chocolate cream, banana, yoghurt, sesame praline, churros, caramel ice cream

Dessert!! Smiles, smiles, smiles! The caramel ice cream took me to wonderland! Sweet and refreshing, childhood was in my mouth! The churros, well, it was alright, it wasn’t very doughnut-y (if that makes sense) it was more on the hard side. But everything just worked so well, again, like many of my posts. Please may I have some more of that caramel ice cream? :D

 Petite Fours

PETITE FOURS!! Just the way to end our night, we’re presented with a selection of sweets! I only tried the one, and that was the pink square – HELLO MARSHMELLO! I rather enjoyed it, it wasn’t too sweet, however would have been a little nicer for it to be fluffier – but no complaints!

And just to end this post, our beloved birthday girl being cheeky with the olive oil jelly … she said it looked like something … and wanted to poke both because … that something needs to be in “twos”


Don’t we all have that one friend that seems to just say the most random and funniest things, please if you do, share your stories of that special and beloved person in your life.

OHH and I nearly forgot!

I spotted the MASSIVE mirror as we were leaving Est and nudged mirror girl and she squealed with the pure excitement, delightfulness and happiness. The expected question came, and when we walked out the security said, “I have never seen someone ever get so excited over a mirror.” Here … is proof…

Sadly the mirror was THAT huge you don't see it ...haha or do you? ;)

- Cass x

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