Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Mr Wong - “Showcase of Ducks!”

Restaurant: Mr Wong
Address: 3 Bridge Lane Sydney NSW

Mr. Wong is a Merivale’s new restaurant with the chefs being Dan Hong (can’t wait to try his other restaurant, Ms G’s, for our Christmas lunch!), Jowett Yu and Eric Koh. As we were walking down the lane where Mr Wong is located at, Vimm queried whether this was the right place as it looked beaten down and she was sure that no restaurant will be here! Lucky we spotted a faded “Mr. Wong” sign on the wall to guide us. 

When we found the restaurant, she was a bit surprised by the busy crowd. Near the entrance, was their open kitchen where there is a showcase of the famous ducks which they roast themselves. Later when we walked to the bathroom, there were even more ducks! We did not order duck because unfortunately I get skin allergies when I eat duck.

Fortunately Andrea and Dawn arrived early at around 6:30pm so we were able to get a table without booking. That day, the highest temperature in Sydney reached 40C, so a bottle of NV Chandon $55 is a must to help us cool down.

Mr. Wong’s drunken chicken $12

 As dish caught all of our eyes and it did not disappoint us! The wine marinate was refreshing and not overpowering at all – the balance was just right. The chicken was so tender and the skin just melts in your mouth. The presentation was clean and Dan Hong has transformed an ordinary dish into something classy. However, we expected more than 5 pieces of chicken. Perhaps the waiter should have told us that there’s only 5 pieces and advise us to order 1 more?

Steamed Dim Sum Platter (8 pieces) - Scallop shumai, Jade seafood dumpling, Har Gau, Chinese mushroom dumpling $32

The scallops were fresh and perfectly cooked. The soup Jade seafood dumpling (aka xiu long bao) was hot (temperature-wise) and tasty. There are several prawns inside the Har Gao and they were succulent. There were too much water chestnut in the Chinese mushroom dumpling for my liking, but the mushrooms were nice.

While waiting for our mains, Andrea and Dawn spot a big cockroach on the wall! We were horrified and quickly told one of the waiters who tried to catch the disgusting insect which quickly escaped. Luckily we weren’t seated next to any walls, or else we’ll be over-alert with any movements around us.

Wok fried cultivated mushrooms with warrigal greens and garlic $24

If you haven't noticed from previous posts, I really like to eat mushrooms! In their menu, the Chinese description actually said that there are 7 different kinds of mushrooms, but their English translation didn't - lost in translation perhaps? And I don’t think there’s 7 kinds of mushrooms, there were: Chinese mushroom, Enoki, white fungus, black fungus and oyster. The flavours were nice and I enjoyed eating every one of them.

Steamed fish fillet with ginger and shallots $32

I've never had steam fish fillets before (usually we steam the whole fish), so we gave this dish a try! This dish looked appetizing, however the fish was overcooked and it was tough. 

Braised sea scallops, asparagus and shitake on a bed of silken tofu with superior sauce $32

I LOVED this dish. The scallops were perfectly cooked and there were plenty to share!  All the elements of the dish were delicious, I would order this again if I come next time.

Mr. Wong’s deep fried vanilla ice cream served with butter scotch sauce $14

The ice cream is wrapped with roasted coconut and cake with the roasted coconut just for texture instead of flavour. The sauce was nice, however, we think that the batter was a tad too thick or maybe the scoop of ice cream should be better – gotta love ice cream!

Green apple ice, osmanthus jelly, water chestnuts and coconut sorbet $14

We actually ordered this, thinking that osmanthus jelly would be the main component of the dish, but there were only a few. Fortunately the ice (the main component) was very refreshing and it was a perfect dessert for a hot day!

To sum it up, the quality of food was good especially the scallops, just don’t order the fish.. OH! and don’t forget to try their drunken chicken! I don't know if I'll come here again during Summer the insect infestation season.

Where’s your favourite dessert for a hot summer day (apart from the lovely gelato/ice cream) ?

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  1. Cockroach? Yuck! But there's not much one can do when the restaurant is in a (fairly) gross laneway. The drunken chicken looks great; have never seen the dish like that before.


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