Sunday, December 16, 2012

M for More MoVida

Restaurant: MoVida
Cusine: Tapas, Mediterranean, Spanish

MoVida, found in one of the many little alley ways of Melbourne which are covered in their artistic graffiti. Admiring the art, the red sign stood out to us and we happily trotted along inside.

Complimentary bread

 Squid Ink Croqueta with Cuttlefish
The most amazing croquettes oozed out with squid ink goodness . it was such heavenly goodness that the girls promised we would order this again if it appeared on the Sydney menu :p (Update: no squid ink croquettes but I do see baby squids on the menu teehee)
Spiced Chicken Escabache Tapa on Crisp Crouton
The infamous pollo tapas which was only meant to be for Cass but our friendly wait staff came out with another 3 (we didn’t have the heart to tell her neither did we have the heart to turn down a generous serving of protein in a cute little croutonwich. Haha yep you heard it here first, a croutonwich
Oyster – with cucumber foam $5 each

9+ cured wagyu with air baguette $4
The oysters were fresh and was complimented well with the refreshing cucumber foam!

Unfortunately my love didn’t extend to the wagyu as it was a tad too slimy for my liking and it was rather difficult to eat the thin slimy  9+ with my air baguette; one bite of the wagyu and it was half gone.  Maybe I should have attempted to eat the whole thing in one go ? haha so classy

Duck Liver Parfait with Pedro Ximenez Foam and Toasted Brioche
 Spicy Steak Tartare of Raw, Grass-fed Wagyu Beef
It was the first time for most of us girls to order raw tartare, it didn’t disappoint but it was on the spicy side but the toasted bread helped to balance the spiciness.
Oven Roasted Portobello Mushrooms Finished with Sherry Vinegar
Oh mushrooms,  how Felicia heart you so much., but gosh were you smothered with OTT vinegar loving or what!? These babies were cooked to perfection with the right amount of softness that it just slides on the tongue and right into the tummy.
Pescado $28.50
Snapper was looked perfectly and the sauce was simply divine, if only our snapper could have been a bigger fish then this dish would have easily made it to our top favourites (:
CHURROS $11.00
Rich Drinking Chocolate and Spanish Doughnuts
Oh, churros how we love you but unfortunately this didn’t match the expectation for many of us. The churros was so doughy – what happened to the light and fluffy goodness that churros are meant to have L and the rich drinking chocolate; Jess and I had issues with the chocolate because she doesn’t like dark and I couldn’t quite understand if it was trying to be a milk or dark chocolate. Sorry choc, but it’s not something I would be dunking my next load of churros in.
Crème Caramel served with Spicy Sherry Pastries
Jess and I also had texture issues with our all time favourite crème caramel, this one didn’t quite have the smooth and silky touch as it failed to melt right into our yum yum tummies. (because good things are just meant to melt inside you haha!) The lumpiness is so obvious you can probably see it from the photo  L

2009 Ponce ‘La Casilla’ Bobal Manchuela  Spain $11
Spanish wine. It made our last night in Melbourne that much better and to our croquettes: we shall reunite in 2013!! :D . (the girls are going to Melbourne for another foodie weekend in early 2013 so stay tuned for more noms)

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