Thursday, February 07, 2013

2013 update ...

Hello all!!

This is REEEAAALLLLYYYY late … but I hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! How are all those resolutions going??

Anyways, just wanted to apologise to all about our MIA, as Candice, Feli, and myself all went on our little merry holiday to Korea and then Harbin! We are currently organising our little posts for the holiday and we will be back into action soon!

I mean, we do eat as we organise these posts too … so we will be back sooner than we imagine! Pwahaha!!

But look at this amazing view I got whilst I was heading to Korea, it was ... flying over somewhere … the amazing sunset I got to see SKY HIGH … !! It's so cold that the window got iced!

… and just because this is a FOOD blog …

Mmm ~ this was a pretty nice meal … for “plane food” I guess because it really didn’t require any cooking, just place all in a bowl, heat up the rice and serve! HAHAHA! The rest is up to the patron to do! Haha!

Anyhooozz … please look forward to our upcoming posts for the year!

Hope you’re all keeping up with your resolutions and having a great start to the year!!

- Cass x

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