Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mexico: Crunch into 'em potatoes!

Restaurant: Mexico Food and Liquor
Location: 17 Randle St, Surry Hills
It is so sad, I hear about all these good reviews on District Dining and then the next minute I know … it’s gone. I never got the chance to try the place … but no fear, thanks to Chocolatesuze and Ramen Raff – I found that it was now a Mexican Restaurant. What better what to catch up with an old friend than to eat!

For a Wednesday night, they were fairly packed. MC and I shared a table with two others, as I believed it was a better option than sitting on the bench. But it really is whatever tickles your fancy. Although, you do feel like you are eavesdropping and vice versa but … oh well!

Pan-fried Chorizo cooked with beerm mint migas and semi dried grapes ($12)

First up came the pan-fried chorizo. Sadly, they didn’t seem very pan-fried – but they were still my beloved chorizos. I just wish that there was a slight crisp to it.

Crispy Potatoes tossed in celery lime salt with spicy tomatillo dressing ($6)

Then next was crispy potatoes, hello carbs! HELLO CRUNCH! It was simply a satisfaction to have crispy potatoes in your mouth. A few pieces here and there lacked a little salt.  The dressing wasn’t a favourite for me, so I simply enjoyed the potato goodness alone!

MEXICO's Fried Chicken ($12)

OMG FRIED CHICKEN! It was ticked as recommended on their menu, thus it was all the more reason to order it. Though there were all the little chillies next to the name, indicating the level of spiciness … it really was not that spicy. It was rather disappointing, but the fried goodness was simply … divine!

Achiote chicken, citrus cured red onion, mint with salsa borracha quesadilla($12)

Our ultimate favourite dish of the night chicken quesadillas! The taste of the citrus red onion and the salsa was simply a great combination. The pita bread had a perfect crisp to it. Add a touch of chilli sauce and it is simply ... perfect!

All in all, it wasn’t too bad of an experience. Perhaps I should go and try the tacos next time … ?

- Cass x

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  1. did you try any of their drinks? preeeeetty tasty :P

    1. Unfortunately no :( ... guess that shall also be added onto my list to try for next time! ^^

  2. Awww what? :( District Dining is gone? But... but... I was planning on visiting there when I visited Syd :( aww man :(

    But hey, you cant go wrong with Mexican food though! :)

    1. Unfortunately it is gone :( I share the same thoughts as you and I live in sydney :( haha I wish I got to try it too
      But yes, at least I still got an adventure with food there ^^

  3. Replies
    1. mmm ... they weren't too bad either :) Can never decline some carbs in potato goodness :D


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