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Sugar Hit 2012 - It's a sweet tooth moment!

This is my favourite foodie event of the year. In the month of October, restaurants all over Sydney have a dessert special, pricing at $20 per person. Candice and I like to do this event and we usually cover majority of the places. These usually consist of a dish with 4+ different delecacies and a glass of moscato usually accompanies. 

Sofitel Sydney Wentworth - 

This is every chocolate lovers dream, as the dish compiled of everything chocolate. There was a mousse, eclair, tartlet, macaroon and opera slice. This came with a glass of Brown Brothers Muscat and Flora. My favorite was the Opera slice, it was very rich and moist, the dessert wine didnt work well with the chocolate as the wine was a tad overpowering. The presentation of the pieces on the plate were wonderful. Rating 7/10.

Azuma Japanese Restaurant -

Last year I was so excited for Azuma, as they always spoil you during Sugar Hit. This year was the same, with their beautiful colours and tasty treats. Each bento box was accompanied with either green tea or a glass of brown brothers Cienna Rosso.
Within the Bento there was: Japanese style Kawaii Panna cotta (made from soy milk), Shot of Sake (there was 3 different types, given at random), Yuzu Sorbet with popping sparkles, Marble Gateaux Cookies  and Gateaux Chocolat with fresh cream, seasonal fruits & candied violet. My favourite would have been the Gateaux Chocolat, it was a tad bit rich, but still very delicious. Rating 8/10.

This was my favourite out of the Sugar hits this year. The dish contained: Homemade ivory chocolate cheesecake, salted chocolate caramel, poached strawberry, berry soil. and Served with a glass of Brown Brothers Orange Muscat and Flora. The dish was like an adventure, the ivory cheesecake sat in the middle and you got to explore everything around it. Different flavours or you could mix them. The cheesecake was very delicious, smooth in texture and very tasty. This definetly was a great experience.  Rating 10/10.

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October has finally arrived aka the Good / BEST food month event of the year. Woohoo!!
Here I have to apologise for the massive backlogged post L I’m not a big fan of it either but our food outings have been piling considering we went to a few sugar hits this year. Plus a few too many trips to the night noodle market (which will be posted VERY soon)
DIABETES ALERT: this post might contain a huge load of sugar and goodness that it might crash you – crash your diet that is

But nevertheless, I was determined to try out the new kid in town (besides from Azuma which was a must go for the girls)

Introducing the new kid : Sebel Pier One!

Blackberry parfait with lemon curd, chocolate fudge and raspberry sorbet.

There was no review for this place whatsoever to be found online but with the keywords: blackberry, lemon, fudge and sorbet .. how can one resist?

I know this combo dessert might sound a little strange at first and one would wonder how does the flavour complement? But I can assure you the flavours are out of this world!!

You have the blackberries to compliment the tangy lemon curd and then you have the chocolate fudge with the fruity sorbet which makes this little gem have the right amount of sweetness without overwhelming each other on your palette. And what makes it even more fun!? It’s all in a big dessert bowl that is for you only!! There is no cutting up required, a simply mess free zone. You simply dig in your spoon and off you go !!

I don’t usually go to the same place for a second sitting of sugar hit but this Sebel sweet baby was an exemption. Not only did I go twice but contemplated to go a third time, if only it wasn’t for my dairy intolerance that overkilled my craving :’(

The sugar hit was such a hit (hehe no pun intended )  with my family and friends especially for my brother  - even he started analysing the different layers of this sugar hit!!! And that says a lot for someone who simply shoves food down !!

If you didn’t get a chance to try out Sebel, please do support them next year! I’m anticipating to see what they have in store for us in 2013!
This dessert is my slice of heaven.



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