Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Abercrombie - "Fried Goodness!"

Restaurant: The Abercrombie
Address: 100 Broadway, Sydney, NSW

Thanks to reading all those blog posts about The Abercrombie, I’ve been craving for their Deep Fried Gaytime for a long long time. Having to drive past this place 5 days in a week for 2 years, FINALLY I’m trying this out!

We went with our USyd friend who commented on how different this place looked compared to our uni days (us girls never went here before.. too studious? ). The first thing we ordered was the $10 jugs of Monteith's Crushed Apple Cider, perfect way to cool down from a hot day.

Mac and Cheese Balls with Spicy Ketchup $12
These were amaze balls! It was like eating mac & cheese but with a deep fried element – what can possibly go wrong with this combination? 

Korean Fried Cornflake Chicken with Red Eye Mayo
$10 (Fridays) $14 (other days)
These fried chickens were more-ish, in fact, we ordered seconds after we quickly demolished the first plate (we ate with 3 boys). The chicken was succulent and the batter was extra crunchy because of the cornflakes. The mayo had a bit of spiciness kick to it which went well with the chicken.

Korean Short Ribs Tacos with Slaw and Sesame Mayo
$5.50 each or 4 for $20
Candice had this tacos and said the short ribs with the sauce were really tasty.

Hawaiian Grilled Fish with Roast Corn
and Tomatillo Salsa $5.50 each or 4 for $20
I LOVE the fish in this tacos, it was perfectly cooked, fresh and juicy.  

Mediterranean Grilled Vego Salad with Haloumi,
Pinenuts, Mixed Leaves and Lemon Dressing $16
The grilled vegetables mainly consist of zucchini and capsicums. The lemon dressing made this salad really refreshing and it complimented the haloumi perfectly. 

Deep Fried Gaytime $7 and
Deep Fried Brownie $7

Finally, time for Gaytime!! I think reading all the blogs raving about it, I worked up my expectation a bit too high.. I was expecting it to be warm outside and cold inside. Instead it was cold outside and the inside was already melting L
Since there were only 2 desserts on their menu, we thought we might as well try out the brownies too! The brownies were nice with a bit of nuts inside - Cassie makes better brownies :)
In conclusion, this is a good place to go to before movies as Broadway is about 5 minutes walk from The Abercrombie. We love their food, especially the tacos and chicken, which were relatively cheap. Their $10 jugs of cider or beer were a good deal too! Do check out their special deals on their facebook page



  1. I really like the idea of this plce in theory but I'm somewhat reluctant to eat all of that deep fried food as I love it so much I might find it hard to stop :P

    1. yup, I agree with you, it's so hard to stop! Lucky apart from fried goodness, they offer healthy options such as tacos and salad :)

    2. the deep fried gaytime was pretty amazing! they had deep fried pizza and twinkie bars last time!

    3. mm twinkies I only had them once when i was in the states! I don't think they make them anymore :( would have loved to tried it fried ..

  2. The Korean Fried Cornflake Chicken looks fantastic! We've only had the pizzas and the Deep Fried Golden Gaytime at the Abercrombie, but looks like there's even more greasy (delicious) junk food on the menu now!


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