Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Night Noodle Market 2012

Whoa! This is so backlogged that it’s almost embarrassing but it had to be done , besides there was no way we could let the NNM post slide pass…

October Crave month has finally arrived and we all know what that means besides from the sugar hits and brunch dates – it is also a calling for the Night Noodle Markets at Hyde Park, which happens for 3 weeks (Mon-Fri 5pm-9pm) Note: most stalls remain open after 9pm but whether there is goodies left is a different story – for the latecomers:  Chat Thai’s most popular fish balls skewers are usually sold out by 8.30pm.

Session 1
Fish Balls

MW and I arrived at 6pm and there was barely a queue for the stalls so I dashed to Chat Thai and got my first dose of fish balls for 2012! We also ordered the pork skewers and banana fritters. The pork skewers were slightly disappointing as it was overcooked and lacked marinade. The banana fritters had a nice crunch covered with sesame seeds, but it was way too filling that MW was struggling to finish the box. Hehe I’ll admit I could have fitted more in my second stomach BUT I knew the Dutch mini pancakes would be calling for me after our movie so I must leave room for them little ones.

And yep, we went back to the markets after our movie for our  my Dutch pancakes. We ordered ours with lemon, maple syrup AND icing sugar. This combination was perfect  - it was neither too sour nor sweet.  It’s a must try if you haven’t done so already!  Definitely give it a go in 2013!

Session 2

This time we ordered way too much food but what caught my eye was the pork belly and salad. Although the sauce was a chilli number but the pork crackling had such a crunchy factor with the right amount of pork belly fat that I just couldn’t resist going back to the dish for more.  Luckily there was enough food to go around and besides the newbies I was with was still ooohing and ahhhing over the fish balls :D

Session 3

We decided to drop by the market for a quick bite after my Spanish class whilst waiting for our Sebel Pier One sugar hit. Initially, we wanted to try the goodies at Eat Art Truck (EAT) but the chicken wings had already sold out around 8pm :’(

Salt and Pepper squid

Instead we got the pulled pork bun, fish balls skewers, pork belly and salt & pepper squid. The pulled pork was a spicy one for SB but it did go well with the fluffy bun.

Session 4

Chicken Karage and Takoyaki

The last day of NNM has arrived and that means there will be another 8 of us tonight as well as 6 of us will be attending the Azuma sugar hit. For starters, Cass and I ordered her all-time favourite chicken kaarage and takoyaki from Umi Sushi. Considering we were the earlybirds – the freshness of the kaarage was questioned as it lacked the big crunch and takoyaki: let’s say I’d much prefer the ones at Chinatown/Chatswood markets.

EAT's Chicken buffalo wings

EAT’s chicken wings was also a must-order; you know just in case if they suddenly sold out from 5.30-8.30pm #precaution.  The wings was cooked with 5 spices – I’m such a weakling with spices but these babies was so tasty and besides the need to order our Redkorling Strawberry and Lime cider to put out the burning sensation in my mouth was the best excuse :p

Strawberry and Lime Rekordeling

The salt & pepper calamari was a nice side with our cider and Spanish red but too bad it was more salt than pepper – HELLO MSG. EAT’s beef brisket bun was our last feed before our Azuma sugar hit. Notice how the bun is cut up in three parts (this bun was shared by Felicia, Cass and I) , The beef was tender with the meat juices bursting out but I’d prefer the pulled pork over the beef as the pork was simply tastier.
Eat Art Truck's Beef brisket bun

In 2013, I will be looking forward to ordering my Dutch mini babies and my cider again. This time, we will be soaking up some vitamin D in the Redkorling area and I might just cut down on the fish balls skewers …. maybe

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