Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Gumshara: Ramen for me!

Joint: Gumshara Ramen
Address: Eating World Foodcourt, 25-29 Dixon Street, Haymarket NSW 2000

After a few recommendations from friends and colleagues about this ramen joint- Gumshara; we had to get our hands (or mouths) on their ramen. I was told their ramen are almost as good as the ones in Japan! Now, that’s something you should be excited about!!  Who doesn’t love Japan!! <3

Slightly hidden away at the Eating World foodcourt in Haymarket (situated near the end of the Friday night market stalls) is the beloved Gumshara. Hello to the big menu displayed at the front and kudos to their NO MSG policy. The choices are: light, mid-thick, thick soup bases. Little did Cass and I know what that actually meant; strangely enough no one had mentioned the thickness of the soup to us but other than the awesome ramen that is on offer.

Cass ordered the garlic tonkatsu ramen $11.5 with a soft boiled egg $1.5. The egg had a smooth gooey textured yolk which was good enough to just eat on its own. And wow look at the generous serving of the slices of fat-ribboned around the yummy pork . Ramen: Oh my, it was definitely something that you could find in Japan! The ramen was clump free and thoroughly coated with stock that it almost made the (opaque) soup unnecessary.

Wanting to try something slightly different landed me the thick tonkatsu and fish ramen $12.50. The soup was over peppered so I could really only taste the pepper and not much fish. Probably not the best on their menu but we will be back for the gyozas (they were sold out on the day). Maybe on our 2nd visit, Smoyo also located at Eating World will be our next froyo fix (coconut and pandan froyo!!hehe just saying…)
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  1. LOVE gumshara! so damn tasty and their eggs are always perfectly gooey!

    1. a bowl of their ramen and eggs would be perfect for this weather!

  2. My favourite Ramen place in Sydney!


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