Monday, April 29, 2013

Jamie's Italian = Bland Burger?

Restaurant: Jamie's Italian
Address: 107 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000

Hello Again!

It is a New year, with plenty of Birthday celebrations. This time it was Cassie's Birthday, she is the first for the year. The choice of Restaurant was Jamie's Italian, conveniently located in the CBD near Wynyard station. We were not able to book a time we wanted over the phone, so we decided to try our luck and get a walk in seat (they dedicate specific seats). The first one there was Felicia and she put our name down for a table for 4. After 2 hours of waiting, we got the text message to say our table was ready, quite busy for a Thursday evening. By the time we got to our table, we were starving!

Bruschetta $10.50
Due to our hunger we slightly over ordered Hors d'oeuvre, everything on the menu sounded delicious and we couldn't resist. We ordered the follow: Crispy Stuffed Risotto Balls, Baked Mushrooms, Polenta Chips and 2 different types of Bruschetta (One was a deluxe for 2 and the other was a regular). We had ordered all of this thinking they were smaller, but the serving sizes were quite decent. The issue we experienced with most of the entrees, was the lack of flavour.
Polenta Chips $8.50
Crispy fried with rosemary and parmesan

This was the first time I have been to Jamie's and was surprised that most of the food was quite bland. (Maybe we should have learnt from Felicia's blog post in our early stages?). The famous Polenta Chips, looked amazing when it came out. I had heard the restaurant was Famous for these chips. They were very crisp and fresh, though sadly the experience was not as exciting, due to the lack of flavour.

Baked Mushrooms $14.50
Swiss browns with crispy "music bread" and smoked buffalo mozzarella
The Baked mushroom was quite refreshing, it was mushroom, baked in pastry. The crust was very crispy.

Sicilian Sardine Bruschetta $10.50
Pickled fillets with red onion, pine nuts and sultanas, served with a parsley and mint salad
Without realising the size of the Bruschetta (special for 2), we managed to split it between 4. The mint yoghurt was a bit overpowering the rest of the flavours, but it was quite delicious.

Fennel Salad $7.50
Down to the mains, as mentioned above, we had ordered too many starters, yet Candice and I thought we would could go the extra mile and order Jamie's Italian Burger. Cass and Felicia ended up sharing a Black Angel Spaghetti and we got a apple and Fennel salad to share.

The Jamie's Italian Burger $19.50
Wagga Wagga beef witn fontina cheese, pancetta, soft lettuce, tomato salsa, dill pickles, chilli and fried onions

The Burger HUGE in size, massive Beef patty to match, fresh ingredients and quite a handful. Sadly this also lacked in flavour, how a burger becomes bland...I can not understand. If you order the burger, I do recommend not ordering as many starters, as it is quite a huge size.

Black Angel Spaghetti $14.00/$22.00
Squid ink pasta, scallops, garlic, chilli, anchovies, wine and capers

The Black Spaghetti was quite nice and one of the dishes that did not require added salt.

I dont know why I have been writing the latest hate blogs, but this place not only made us wait 2 hours for a table, the food was so and so in flavour and to top it off, the waiteress was taking dishes away and almost took my eye with my own knife...

Zumbo's Flourless chocolate cake
But on a positive note, the bread was really delicious, this would have been my favourite part of the meal, other than the birthday cake we brought from Adriano Zumbo. The wait staff were quite friendly and kindly taught me the meaning of "WC = Wash Closet", they even posed for us when cutting bread. Personally I would not go to this restaurant again, after this bad experience, but as popular and famous Jamie Oliver is, you should go try the food for yourself once in your life.

Signing out,

Jess xoxo.

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  1. i haven't tried their burger but sounds like it didn't have enough seasoning perhaps?

    1. Yes, which was rather unfortunate and disappointing. But the pasta was nice ^^

  2. haha WC reminds me of Europe where we had to look for that sign whenever we need to go lol. sucks that the waiting time to get a table is still ridiculously long :(. been avoiding this place for dinner recently because we couldn't stand waiting for 1 hour+ for a table

    1. Honestly ... it probably really isn't worth the wait (this is also a personal opinion) but when you have a place to sit around for drinks, I guess it's all good too.
      But is worth a try, I believe they do take bookings now too - which you could try :)
      Europe!! We have yet to go...


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