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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Kika Tapas

Restaurant: Kika Tapas 
Address: 247 Victoria St  Darlinghurst NSW

Having a sudden craving for Spanish food on the night that we went to Messina to get Cassie’s mushroom cake (which was delicious btw), we entered into Kika Tapas.

It was cosy and spacious with their bar situated in the middle.
The first thing that I looked at was of course SANGRIA, no point in dining in a Spanish restaurant without Sangria right? Love the flavour of their Sangria, the balance of alcohol and fruits were just right, we finished the 500ml jug ($13) in no time!

ChampiƱones with Cream and Garlic $13

There was a generous amount of nicely cooked mushrooms and the cream sauce was more-ish, but I expected a little bit more garlic in it.

Flor De Zucchini stuffed with Goats Cheese, Mozzarella, Leek and Saffron $11

OMG. This was no doubt my favourite dish of the night. The cheese combination complemented my beloved zucchini flower so well. I would definitely order this next time I come back (maybe before another Messina visit).

Croquetas De Bonito $15

Another thing that we would order without a doubt when it’s on the menu is croquettes! These croquettes did not disappoint us, the tuna did not taste too “fishy” and it went well with the accompanying mayo and pesto.

Papas All I Oli (Potatoes with Garlic Mayonnaise) $11

Candice is a self confessed potato lover, so she was so quite excited about these potatoes. Unfortunately they weren’t crispy on the outside, in fact, they were quite soft as if they weren’t fried at all. Like the mushrooms, the garlic mayonnaise lacked garlic.

Overall, we enjoyed our meal, the service was attentive even though they were catering for big party located at the other side of the restaurant. The zucchini flower and sangria are on my must-order list! Will definitely come here for another time next time I go Darlinghurst Messina.


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  1. Those mushrooms do look quite amazing. Shame that the potatoes weren't great though. =(


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