Tuesday, April 02, 2013

The Little Snail: How I've longed for thee

Restaurant: The Little Snail
Location:  50 Murray Street, Pyrmont

You know there’s always a place that you hear about from people and think to yourself, I must remember to try this place … but then end up forgetting about it until someone goes and talks about it again. So, when my uncle called me to say dinner was at The Little Snail, I was estatic – even though we both secretly knew my very un-experimental (with food) father may have some issues.

It’s actually great that they offer a three-course menu for $59. Any side dishes added has an additional cost.

Left to right: Bruschetta ($6), Garlic Bread ($4.50) and Chilli, cheese and honey ($6)
2 pieces in each serving

The chilli, cheese and honey bread sounded so interesting that I could not resist but to order it. Unfortunately, the honey overpowered everything else – and tasted like a honey toast.

The bruschetta was nice, the tomatoes soaked with vinegar on nicely toasted garlic bread. Just a shake of salt and it was perfect.

Escargot de Bourgogne
Dozen snails marinated in herb infused court-bouillon, oven baked in garlic

There is no way I was passing off the escargots when you’re in a restaurant called “The Little Snail”. I was speechless as my first piece, covered in garlic sauce it slid down my throat. I just couldn’t wait to dig in for more. And dipping the bread into the sauce was just so satisfying.

Chilli prawns and basil linguini
with garlic and lime juice, tossed with olive oil, roasted tomato concasse and fresh basil leaves

The linguini was cooked to perfection. There was a generous amount of prawns, which were just so scrumptious! The basil and tomato had such a great combination of flavours! As full as I was getting, I secretly wished for maybe just that one or two more bites.

Chef churned Hazelnut and Praline Ice Cream
on shortbread and Grand Marnier caramel

Dessert was such a hard choice; there was so much I wanted to try. But I settled for the Hazelnut and Praline Ice cream and just looking at it, I knew I made no incorrect choice! The toffee was amazing; it was not too sweet to overpower everything else. The hazelnut and praline was hidden inside the ice cream like treasure, and every bite with the shortbread was just so delicious. The different textures offered were amazing with the shortbread and ice cream. There was something to bite on with the ice cream that melted in your mouth.

Just for your eyes to feast on … the other desserts, which were chosen by my dear family members.

Left: Creme carmel
Right (top to bottom): Banana Liquor Crepe, Sticky Date Pudding, Homemade profiterole

The food was great, everything was great. However, maybe because we had booked on the day, they hadn’t expected a party of 11 on the night – as we were seated upstairs and only got to see the waiters when they were serving our food and thereafter they would disappear before we even knew it. Even when we tried to order some coffee with our dessert we couldn’t get their attention before they rushed back down and didn’t return.

Aside from that, it wasn’t that bad… and a happy 4th Birthday to my little cousin!

Until next time,

- Cass x

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    Everything looks so friggin good!! And I am drooling over your Bruschetta.

    And that ice cream. OH KAZZ! You made a good choice methinks.


    1. pwahahahaa!!!
      I know right, I was the only one that ordered the ice cream and was secretly proud that I did ... hehehe as much as I was tempted to order the creme caramel ... I was like MEH ... mum mastered that well at home so ... blahhhh~~~ HAHA!

  2. ive been here so many times but in the darling harbour location and the old broadway location, but sadly the quality has dropped since i first went.

    1. Yeah, I heard that it has dropped ... but my biggest highlight may have been the ice cream... oh and the escargots ... but then, i dont usually eat escargots so there isn't much for me to compare :(

  3. hahaha wooow I just tried this restaurant for the first time last weekend! I agree, the linguini is amaazinggg

    1. I know right!! mm~~ it must also be the human brain that works weirdly that makes you feel like you need just a touch more to be super happy as well HAHA! Just give me one more bite ... HAHAHA!


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