Thursday, April 04, 2013

Three Blue Ducks

Address: 141-143 Macpherson St Bronte NSW 2024

The morning started with me heading over to Cassie’s to give her a belated birthday present and because it was such a beautiful warm day, we decided to go brunch at somewhere near the beach! In unison, we thought of Bronte’s Three Blue Ducks.

I’m sure everyone knows this by now through their appearance in Masterchef and other forms of media that one of the chefs/owners of the café, Darren Robertson, used to be the head chef for Australia’s famous Tetsuya. So the food quality is assured before we even taste it hehe : )

I have to admit something, I backlog a lot of the places that I visit, but this is one that I shouldn’t backlog because looking at the photos brings me back the memories of summer warmth (as compared to the rainy days we will having this week urgh) 

Initially, we thought we would have to wait for a long time because we went during lunch hour at 12-1pm, surprisingly we got a table after waiting for around 5 minutes. Love the décor and the openness of the café, it made us feel relaxed and comfortable.

Iced coffee $7 (+$0.5 for Soy)
What is better than a chilling drink for a nice hot day! This was actually under their “Milkshake” section so I had expected a milkshake and the reason I ordered it was because it sounded interesting to have a coffee milkshake!

Steak sandwich with red pepper mayo, tomato, onion marmalade and rocket $18
This was definitely worth the money. The steak was tender and the tomato relish was very fresh with a nice touch of tang. The rocket balanced everything really well.

Citrus cured salmon with wakame salad, corn puree and puffed black rice $28
My oh my, I’m actually craving for this dish right now! The citrus cured salmon was very appetizing, although my first bite was a bit salty, but as I ate it with the other components of the dish, it was like perfection bursting in my mouth! The puffed black rice gave the dish a crunchy element, I just wish there was a bit more of corn puree.

In conclusion, the food quality was flawless and the service was good. Through it was a bit pricey for lunch but I guess it’s worth the money! It’s a perfect place for brunch before or after going to Bronte Beach! How I wish it was still Summer..


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  1. this has been on my list for a while! food looks great!

    1. yeh! it's been on ours for AGES too lol. It's really good, you definitely should try it out :)

  2. mmmmmm look at that cured salmon! I haven't been to their restaurant before but I have tried their food at Taste of Sydney and it was so derricious!

    1. We tried their chocolate and yuzu dessert at Taste of Sydney and it was soooo nice !

  3. have only tried Three Blue Ducks when it makes the occasional appearance at food festivals. been on my wish list for a long time but don't know how to get to Bronte

    1. Three Blue Ducks is such a nice place to enjoy quality food :) I think there's buses that goes to Bronte, but driving would definitely be more convenient!


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