Saturday, April 13, 2013

Zest: A roadtrip breakfast

Restaurant: Zest
Location: 4/201 The Mall, Leura
When all my cousins and myself hear that we are going on road trips, our initial thoughts on breakfast would be a quick stop over at Maccas, and we really wouldn’t have it any other way. Yes, it is unhealthy but it is our guilty pleasure.

With Easter Monday here, a portion of us (mind you, even if I use “portion” loosely… we still had a party of 16) had decided to head to the Blue Mountains for a hike and for my photo crazed aunties and uncles to have some happy snapping of mother-nature.

Rather than our “ritual” stopover at Maccas, we found ourselves at Leura on the crisp Monday morning of 9am. Nothing was open yet; it was hard to find a café open! But when hunger strikes, determination is higher – we walked the street and found a hidden little treasure. Beyond the front door, and down a flight of stairs we find the hidden little café of Zest.

A party of 16 … yes, we did fill up half the café and resulted in lots of people opting to do take away is my guess when I turned around and found that there was a queue near the counter.

My little “stinky” (as I call her) and I were sitting on a different table, and ordered before everyone else. Later, we moved to a bigger table to sit with her parents.

Chai Latte: $4.00 (soy milk: $0.60)
Mmm … I’m really not much of a coffee drinker or anything of the sort really. But a chai latte seemed to tickle my fancy for some reason. Mmm … the cinnamon hit me and I felt alarmed almost instantly (haha exaggeration is something I live for!).

Chorizo Scrambled Eggs with fetta, potatoes and shallots: $14.90
The chorizo scrambled eggs were yummy and moreish. The hidden pieces of potatoes in the eggs were a nice little surprise. The spiciness in the chorizio was another awesome hit for me to wake up, if the chai latte wasn’t enough already.

French Toast with strawberry crush& vanilla ricotta cream: $13.50
The French toast was cooked to perfection; the thick slice was enough to have everyone’s eyes on our plate! The strawberry crush and vanilla ricotta cream made me drool as I cut into my first piece and putting it in my mouth did not disappoint. The crunch on the outside mixed with the sweetness of strawberry and vanilla took me straight to heaven!

Possibly due to our war of 16 patrons, we did realize there was inconsistency in their French toast and other dishes. As after our French toast, others arrived and their one slice was half the size of ours – which caused a little disappointment for the others.

However, it was still a pleasant and cozy little café. Just remember when you go not to have with you a massive army of people.

The inevitable of being in an Asian family, we travel in packs!

And just to end this post, to all the hubbys out there … or hubby to be’s … here is a chair that I’m sure you would all appreciate!

Until next time,

- Cass x
P.S. Due to an insane headache the night before, I did not wish to lunge my camera around. Thus, all photography credits in this post are to my beautiful Aunty at Dreamers Place (Facebook)

Please note: All prices posted in blog are normal prices. It is different for public holiday.

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  1. haha, they should have those benches in shopping centres too!
    btw I'm loving your aunt's blog! bookmarking it now (:


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