Sunday, May 05, 2013

BlackFlower: Oh so sexy ...

Location: Shop 5, 37 Ultimo Road, Haymarket

The new Passionflower chain, a little sweet cafe located in the heart of Haymarket! After our little adventure to Gumshara, our sweet tooth was calling and we had walked passed this cafe on our way and had decided we shall pop in after.

There was a vast variety to choose from, or maybe it just seemed like I wanted to try everything!! But realistically, we could not – how sad.

Cheeseburger Macaron $3.20
Well, with the macarons – it was basically decided what we were going to have for sure! The cheeseburger macaron probably sold to us more over the fact of its looks than anything. I watched as Candice tried and eagerly my question slipped out, “does it taste like a real cheeseburger!?” And her initial response? A laugh.

“Silly, it’s not Zumbos macs!” I must say, that answer kind of made me feel disappointed. The texture was perfect ~ The shell was chewy and mmm~~~ excuse me while I reminisce that texture! However, to me, it was a little too sweet. So, for reference – the flavour is basically ... chocolate! J

Candice had allowed me to make the choice on what cake we could try, I was honoured. But seriously, it was not an easy choice ... I wanted to try so many!! But I settled for an orgy. Oh, sorry – let me reword that ... I settled for the orgy cake.

Orgy Cake $6.50
I don’t know about you, but I have a love for Asian cakes because of the light and fluffy sponge and (as unhealthy as this is) the dollop of cream in between and around. However, the sad part is – it never feels heavy to eat! And this is exactly what brings out the orgy cake texture, a modernised Asian cake. A fusion cake! The miso was rather subtle, possibly too subtle that I had missed it. But mmm~ to that salted toffee.

Salted duck eggs and chorizo quiche $7
We got a take away quiche for Candice’s brother. But being a growing boy, he managed to gobble it down in no time. But allowed me time to snap a quick shot! J They even have a cute way of packaging the quiche in a paper bag. Yes, we were impressed by a mere paper bag ...

I hate it when I get sold by packaging and marketing ... knowing full well that is exactly how they want to win us over. But I can’t help it at the same time! HAHA!

Until next time,

- Cass x

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  1. It definitely was a very orgasmic orgy :p but wait, the man behind the counter may have played a part too.. hehe

    1. oh nice play on words there ;) "orgasmic orgy" pwahahaha!!! yes i believed he did too hahahaha
      im surprised we didn't actually pull these comments out on the day! haha!

  2. So that's where the famous macaron buger is. Looks so appealing, especially the size of it! *giggles* :) Thanks for the review Cass!

    1. HAHA been seeing it around ay ness ;)
      must say, I personally enjoyed the looks of it over eating it though ...
      (thanks for popping by ^^)

  3. The burger macaron is quite cute! I'm actually glad it doesn't taste like a real burger! :P

    1. pwahahhaa!!! I think if it was, would be when I would say: i can't believe they really made it like a cheeseburger, it was horrible! HAHAHA! :D
      but that actually did not even cross my mind on how weird it would have tasted... all I thought was how awesome it would have been... haha!
      now i dont feel so disappointed :D :D :D


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