Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Chin Chin: Chin me up!

Restaurant: Chin Chin
Location: 125 Flinders Lane Melbourne

Phone: 03 8663 2000

Turn back into time takes us to the beloved Melbourne trip where the foodie girls went earlier this year. With a jam packed weekend filled with eats: Chin Chin – the fun and modern restaurant located in the CBD takes inspiration from classic Asian dishes. Besides, classic cocktails with a twist are almost always a must-go.

After suffering from a (minor) food coma from the meal before, we mutually agreed to order dishes that were slightly lighter…that is, followed by desserts haha.
Crispy Barramundi and green apple salad $27.00

One dish, 3 different textures; best combo salad, ever. With crumbed barramundi and crunchy green apple breaking up the slightly fatty pork gives the dish a fresh taste rather than a greasy feel.
Chin Chin Pork "Roll ups" $16.00

This dish takes on the classic Peking duck pancake. The red braised sucking pork is juicy but rather plain so do pair it with the sauce and the slaw. These pork roll ups with fresh Asian herbs are my preference on warmer days rather than the oily Peking duck but hey, crispy duck skin with Hoisin sauce is another story altogether… mmm
Grilled banana roti bread $12.00

Grilled banana roti bread with sweetened condensed milk and cinnamon sugar – generously drizzled with the condensed milk, top with cinnamon sugar sent all of us to a sugar high. The sweetness overload was way too sweet for our liking but grilled bananas = yes, please!
Palm Sugar Ice Cream Sundae $12.00

Spotting the numerous sundaes on the surrounding tables instantly got our attention.  This is of course no other than the popular palm sugar ice-cream sundae with salted honeycomb and lime syrup.  The sundae was another sweet number, the lime syrup did help to break up the layers of sweetness but unfortunately, the honeycomb was not salty enough to save this dish from a sugar overload.
All up, we’ll definitely be back for their dinner menu (an early dinner is highly recommended or else risk waiting for 2 hours…) and on a side note, I’m sure Cass and Feli won’t say no to a restaurant that has the perfect view of the boys kitchen.  Like we said, Chin me up!

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  1. i gotta try this place when I eventually get to go to Melbourne. so keen to try the Chin Chin Pork roll-ups!

    1. Hi Annie,
      Melbourne is definitely a must, hope you go soon! we look forward to reading your Melbourne eats!

  2. Your photos look fantastic ! It's a must for me to try the palm sugar ice cream sundae. Look really sweet.

    1. Hi Ness, that would be credits to Cass lugging around her SLR on our trip and yep, sure was but definitely not as sweet as the roti

  3. i missed trying this place out last time i was in melb, must go back again! and i heard dinner was heaps better/

    1. Hi Amy, we'll be looking forward to reading your review on their dinner menu :p


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