Tuesday, May 21, 2013

La Citta: overcooked, over expected, over ...

Restaurant: La Citta
Location: 11 Degraves Street, Melbourne VIC 3000
Have you ever thought about whether things are jinxed? We’re not sure why, but it seems like our last Melbourne meal (yes, it’s only been two times and we have already come to this
conclusion) is always a disappointment.
Not having a last meal planned, we walked past Degraves St every morning and saw the array of cafés and were eager to try at least one of them. Not wanting to make a haste choice, we had walked the street up and down at least twice to be sure we had not gone into the wrong café.

Unfortunately they didn’t have a table for 4, so we split our tables. Feli and I sat alone, as Candice and her mum had sat a few tables away.

Chocolate malt shake with ice-cream $5.50
Feli saw the Chocolate malt milkshake with ice cream and was excited thinking there would be some ice cream to eat as well. But it was just a milkshake WITH ice cream already blended, but it was still very delicious. There was a perfect balance of flavours with the chocolate and malt, perhaps a malteaser shake?

Banana, milk, honey, yogurt with cinnamon shake
My banana milkshake nice and smooth, you could smell the banana when the glass was placed on the table.

Smoked Salmon $4.50, Hollandaise sauce $4.00, multigrain sour dough toast $5.50
As they could not change the Eggs Benedict’s bacon to smoked salmon – the waitress advised that Feli could have the just a mixture of everything on the plate. However the hollandaise sauce was not very appetizing, the poached egg was cooked flawlessly with a runny egg yolk.

Spanish scrambled eggs with parsley, tomato, chorizo and chilli on multigrain $16.50
The scrambled eggs were overcooked, but the tomatoes offered a freshness to the whole dish, especially with the pepper from the chorizo.

Perhaps we always work our expectations up with walking into a café thinking we won’t go wrong. So, have you had “bad” experiences in Melbourne?
Until next time,
- Cass x

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  1. their coffee was good!

    1. pwahahaha .. feli and I aren't much of coffee drinkers ;)
      Melb coffee was nice in general wasn't it? :P

  2. i went to the soup kitchen when i was in melb last time, the soup wasn't that good although many people raved about it. we had a rice soup which was really sour and a vegetables one which was really salty. the soups werent cheap either, setting us back almost $15 each

    1. really?? I actually wanted to try that place because as you said "many people raved about it" .. that's so disappointing.
      It's like, waste of my tummy space :(

  3. you sound like Ashleigh and Sophia on MKR when you say that. Don't try Kokoro Ramen. Their ramen is not authentic
    See here: http://newintstudents.blogspot.com.au/2013/05/kokoro-ramen-by-katherine.html


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