Monday, May 27, 2013

Méjico – “Mortar and Pestle to your Table”

Restaurant: Méjico
Address: 105 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000
Although it’s a bit late to say this, but I’m LOVING the wave new Mexican restaurants opening in Sydney. Mexican flavours are amazing with their clever use of herbs, chilli and booze. So after seeing so many Instagram pictures of Mejico’s guacamole, I decided to come with my sister. 

As it was a spur of the moment decision to come here, we didn’t make a reservation. We waited at the bar area where there were attentive staff serving us very nice cocktails for around half an hour until we got a table for two.

The tables were nicely spaced and I love their use of pink of their wall and chairs.

Market Fresh Guacamole; Served with golden plantain chips $9
Here in Mejico, they make their guacamole on your table, so it is guaranteed fresh! From memory, they put in onions, a bit of chilli, herbs and of course avocado. We added a bit of salt and the guacamole was PERFECT.

We had a chat with the waitress while she was making the guacamole and she was surprised how many photos she found on Instagram on Mejico. I happily informed her that she’ll be in mine too :)

Hiramasa Kingfish Ceviches $16
The tanginess from the ceviche along with the freshness of the kingfish increased my appetite. I also liked the onions mixed with the kingfish.

Grilled Ocean Trout Tacos $16
The colour of the trout was beautiful and it was cooked to perfection.

Portobello Mushrooms & Croquetas $28
The mushrooms were tasty and the crunchiness from the croquettes brings it to another level. The addition of the queso fresco cheese was brilliant!

Queso Fresco $9
I’ve never had Queso Fresco cheese before and the texture is really interesting. It’s like a cross over of ricotta and haloumi. It was delicious and it was quite light as well.

Roast Pumpkin $8
I guess the Mexicans really like their Queso Fresco because it was in this dish too. The pumpkin was sweet but it lacked salt. 

Milk Chocolate Shot $6 
Since I wanted another drink AND dessert, my eyes lit up when I saw the chocolate shot and it didn’t disappoint me. The tequila was strong at first taste but it was balanced out by the rich chocolate.

To wrap the post up, Mejico offers wonderfully flavorsome food which were served quickly and the staff were friendly. You can’t go wrong with their table made guacamole! They also got an extensive tequila list which I have yet to try, just remember to book in advance to avoid the wait (although the wait will never be as long as the wait of their neighbor Jamie’s Italian).


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  1. that Queso Fresco sounds amazing!

  2. haven't tried the ocean trout tacos yet. should head back and try them after hearing heaps about them. good to hear that it's getting packed there. not so good for me popping in for a quick lunch like before LOL

  3. I wish i could pop by there during lunch too! But probably not a good thing for my wallet haha

  4. the guacamole was fun to order! you should check out the ribs next time.. soooo good


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