Friday, May 03, 2013

MoVida Sydney – A Night of Continuous OMG's

Restaurant: MoVida Sydney
Address: 50 Holt St, Surry Hills NSW 2010
(02) 8964 7642

When my HK friend confirmed that she will be visiting Sydney, the first thing she said was “MOVIDA. We HAVE to go”. She fell in love with MoVida’s food when she went to Melbourne and she was over the moon when I told her that they opened one in Sydney too. 

Because there were only 3 of us, it was not possible to order everything on their menu. The waiter was surprised that we ordered so much and advised us to downsize what we ordered; luckily we listened to him because we were quite full afterwards.

Goat’s Curd and Quince Cigar 5.5 each
This was our first dish, and our minds were blown already (sorry the picture doesn’t do it justice). The sweet quince was well balanced with the goat’s curd, we kept repeating “OH MY GOD” as we were eating it.

Zucchini filled with Crab served with Pea and Mint Gazpacho 9 each
The crab was freshly sweet and I love it when roes pops in my mouth! 

Octopus Pincho served with Potato and Paprika 6.8 each

This was my highlight of the light. The octopus was so succulent and flavorsome, it just like a paradise party in my mouth! Words simply can't describe how lovely this octopus is along with that bed of yummy potato, this is a dish that I will definitely order over and over again.

Grilled Chorizo and Padron Sandwich 7 each

The chorizo was delicious, the spices inside was mind-blowing. The only “fault” was that the bun was a tad too thick.

Globe Artichoke stuffed with Salt Cod Brandade, finished with Hollandaise $9.5each

We didn’t expect the artichoke to be so big! The flavor of the salted cod filling complemented the artichokes so well and the hollandaise astoundingly binds everything together. The artichoke was a bit stringy, but hey, they’re artichokes.

Grilled Canadian Scallops with Jamon Salmonejo served with an Almond & Cauliflower Salad $24.50

The scallops were cooked to perfection and we loved the cauliflower salad with crunchy almonds. But it wasn’t as WOW as the octopus and the chorizo.

Air cured Wagyu Beef with Truffle Foam & a Poached Egg 21.5

Woah.. when this dish arrived to our table, the truffle aroma filled up our noses – IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. The air cured beef melted in our mouths and the poached egg combined everything together. This is a dish you MUST try as well.

Pine mushrooms braised in White Wine & finished with Aged Manchego $24.50

I ordered this because of my love for mushrooms, it was braised nicely and we love the matching Manchego! Hehe LOVE cheese.

Oven Roasted Rabbit Loin with Corn Puree & Toasted Corn $21.50

The rabbit was really tender, because I don’t really eat rabbit (I was born in the year of rabbit) I can’t really compare it to other restaurant’s. But my friend said that the quality of the meat was really high. The corn puree was sweet and the toasted corn gave the dish a tasty crunchy element.

Fig Salad , Witlof, Muscatel Dressing and Montenebro Cheese Cigar 23.5

Typing up this post made me realize that the salads in MoVida are more expensive than the meat dishes!  Since figs are in season, they tasted fresh and sweet, the same thing can be said for the witlofs. The cheese cigar was a bit soggy, but the flavor combination of the cheese and muscatel dressing was fantastic. 

Coffee Granita with Crème Catalan Foam 12.5

This was a bit hard to eat because there was so much cream! Since we were in a semi food coma trance, the coffee woke us up a bit! The cream was quite light, but we couldn’t finish it.

Apple Frangipane with Fig Ice Cream $17.50

This tart was so huge. The pastry was short and with the sweet apple was a nice way to finish our night. The fig ice cream was simply beautiful, it was our last OMG for the evening. Gotta love it when figs are in season! 

If we collected $5 for each time we said “OMG”, we could probably pay for our MoVida dinner. The quality and technique of cooking was incredible and the service was attentive. Our waiter not only helped us pick a wine that suited our taste, he also advised us when we ordered too much. I would definitely come here again!

Where have you had a meal that made you go OMG all night?

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  1. OMGGGGG! i would have so much trouble deciding on what to eat here. they all look very tasty. definitely need to try the Calabacin and the air-cured wagyu beef with truffled foam *droools*

    1. YES! we wanted to order the whole menu :P mmm i'm memorizing about the octopus and the wagyu now, can't wait to eat it next time!

  2. LOL you guys ate all this between the three of you and you had to downsize too funny!
    I'm still dying to try the air-cured wagyu beef, will remember to get the octopus for when I go!

    1. hehe I think the waiter was surprised that we managed to finish nearly everything! I guess we were all really hungry :P


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