Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Osteria Balla

Restaurant: Osteria Balla
Location: Level G, Harbourside, The Star/80 Pyrmont St, Pyrmont
We have been lucky and have an uncle come help us at the restaurant and so mum has been able to sneak a few nights off again! In saying that, we were hoping to go and capture a few shots out in the CBD – however we found ourselves wandering in The Star for dinner as it was starting to sprinkle.

Chestnut's pappardalle with duck ragu' $26.00
We start with the pastas as our entrĂ©e; mum had the duck with traditional squares. It wasn’t something that tickled my fancy much, as I found the pasta a little harder than I usually like it.

Saffron potato gnocchi with spanner crab, chilli and garlic $29.00
I have been craving for gnocchi for as long as I remember, so seeing it on the menu was already settled. I’m not one that usually like to eat peas at all, at whatever cost I will push them to the side of the plate. But I found myself scraping down the plate; it was simply packed with flavour from start to finish.

Roast rosemary potatoes $10.00
Rocket and Parmesan salad $12.00
Not wanting to over order, we decided to settle for one main and two side dishes. The rosemary potatoes were so crunchy around the edges, the rosemary was subtle enough, a little overly salty for a few pieces here and there but that was not an issue! What can I say about the rocket and parmesan? Everything had the right amount to ensure it was nice and tasty!

Mum’s not much of a red meat eater, so we had the snapper baked in a bag! It’s my first time having fish cooked in a bag, and it was so awesome!! The fish was great; it simply melted in your mouth. I’m not a fan of olives, and the taste was fairly distinctive in this dish – but it was something I could bring myself to continue eating because everything else was just so delicious!

It was a great night, with attentive staff. You get a pretty good view of Pyrmont too, so that’s always a nice bonus.

Until next time,

- Cass x

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  1. I've always wondered if Balla was any good. It looks like it lives up to expectations.

    Thanks for sharing!

    1. haha hope I don't make you have too high expectations though ... I did walk in there without any ;)

  2. ive been wanting to try this place for a while now next on my list @ the star!

    1. mmm~~ I look forward to hearing what you think of it ^^

  3. haven't tried this place yet but the dishes look quite delicious. should try it out next time i'm at the star

    1. Definitely a place to try, especially if the food court is a little too crowded :)

  4. ur blog is boring as hell

    no slr camera no care


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