Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Chanoma Cafe: Japadogs

Restaurant: Chanoma Cafe
Location:  Regent Place- 501 George Street, Sydney

Front to back: Kim-Mayo Dog, Tonkatsu Dog, Shrimp Croquette Dog

Sydneysiders will know this is where Azuma Patisserie used to be but the Azuma restaurants have now been replaced with Chanoma Cafe, Tenkomori Ramen House and the much talked about- Yebisu Izakaya (a post for later).  An unplanned visit to the Apple Store on an eeky Tuesday night made it perfect for a fast and not so fussed dinner. What’s better than to have a Japadog (Japanese fusion hot dogs) and a frappe to cure that Tuesdayitis and get you ready for Humpday.

Spicy meat lovers dog
Japadogs are given the choice of 3 options: Slovenia kransky, German blutwurst or Spanish chorizo. First up is the spicy meat lovers dog (kransky) $5.50 along with miso pork mince, white beans and mayonnaise in a soft, fluffy bun. I was sold at the creamy shrimp croquette dog $6.20. The freshly made croquette was crunchy on the outside and inside was filled with soft diced shrimp. The sauce on top was tartare-like with a hint of egg, the mystery of this sauce kept me wanting more.

Creamy shrimp croquette dog
The teriyaki chicken dog $5.50 is not a sausage but a battered and fried piece of chicken breast. This came with caramelised onions, topped with avocado and mayonnaise with a touch of wasabi (it probably could do without the wasabi but then it is Jap fusion here). Chanoma cheese dog $5.50 is a fan for the cheese lovers, which contained curry flavoured cabbage smothered with a generous layer of melted cheese. Apologies for the lack of photos of the teri-chicken and cheese dog from our first visit. We were simply too hungry T___T

Left to right: Yozu matcha frappe, Chocolate frappe, banana frappe
There has been mixed reviews on their drinks- either you get a great one or a not-so-great that you won’t come back (yep, that’s how badly you can miss). Luckily, a visit on the weekend brought me the knowledge that their banana and oreo matcha frappe $6.50 is amazing!!! Unfortunately, their yozu matcha drink was not. For our 2nd and 3rd visit, we ordered the azuki, chocolate and oreo matcha frappes (again and not shameful at all teehee). Here is a tip: make sure you mix that whipped cream well into your frappe.

Shaked fries with soy butter
Shaked fries are available with seasoning choices: salt & pepper ($3.90)/wasabi/teriyaki/soy butter & dried seaweed flakes/chilli & garlic ($4.40). Waitress recommended the popular soy butter but we were disappointed as it lacked the rich soy butter flavour which we had anticipated. Instead, we got some pretty salty and addictive fries. To complete the night, we ordered the matcha soft serve $2.90. The soft serve was more icy than creamy but it did have a pretty strong hit of green tea!

We would definitely be back for the Japadogs and the frappes, it’s a cheap eat considering it’s located in Regents Place. Service was fast, waitresses were helpful and it’s conveniently located near the cinemas. No excuse to not grab a bite before/after a movie that is if you haven’t fallen for the smell of buttery popcorn already...


UPDATE:  The kim-mayo dog $5.50 is a must try for kimchi lovers but tonkatsu japadog can probably give it a miss.

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  1. ive only been here for the drinks, looking forward to trying out the japadogs and ofcourse yebisu soon!

    1. how did the drinks go for you? and look out for our yebisu post. .. coming soon (:

  2. my friend loves the drinks here. haven't tried the hot dogs yet but they look very interesting to try

    1. your friend must have selected good drinks then! and yep give them a go, hope you'll like them!

  3. I agree - the hot dogs at chanoma can be a bit hit and miss. But interesting concepts though!

    1. yep, but we're aiming to try them all. Gotta catch 'em all! :D


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