Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Mr Crackles: Crackling away ~

Restaurant: MrCrackles
Location: 155 Oxford St, Paddington
The day when my crackling cravings gets put to peace. The day when … I munch on these goodies!! … The day when Mrs (wannabe) Crackles meets Mr Crackles!!
After all the talk when this new heaven opened for all crackling lovers, I knew I just had to get myself there. When? Who knew, but it just had to happen. So low and behold, one fine winter’s night … Feli and I found ourselves just where we wanted to be.
Choices, choices, choices!!
Only two bellies and so much to choose from! What to do …. #firstworldproblems

There isn’t really much possibility that I was going to pass having the pork roll when we are in a place … for crackling. Feli couldn’t decide between the pork and lamb roll, so we only did the sensible thing of ordering both pork and lamb.
Pork Roll $10.00

Mmmm … the pork was so tender, it was just so mouth watering. The slaw was amazing, adding that zing into every bite. The crackling here was a little chewy, but meeehhh~~~
Lamb Roll $10.00
The lamb was amazing and succulent. As I had the lamb first, I forgot that we had asked to add chilli. So, that was only remembered once I had the hit of spice in the pork. Which was a little unfortunate, but it was still delicious regardless.
Cup of Pork Crackling $5.00
Seriously, this … wasn’t even a question! “HELLO MR CRACKLES, I SHALL EAT YOU NOW!” Was simply crackling in my mind, (geddit?) and the crunch did not disappoint. It did get a bit salty and heavy though and we could only manage to eat the one piece offered.
We may or may not have realised we over ordered. It also may or may not have made any difference to our decision.
Chilli Cheese Fries $7.50
Chilli cheese fries, bring. It. On. The fries had the subtle chilli hit and scooping a forkful of cheese and meat was simply … yuuuummm ~~~
We were here to say hello to crackling, but it seemed like we were here to say hello to our unhealthy carb friends more.
It was an incredible experience, and did not disappoint in anyway!
Until next time,
- Cass x
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  1. OMGEEE!!!! Just looking at those tasty crackling and deep fried food is making me hungry at this time ! :D

    1. HAHA I'd say it probably was still open at that time too! :D Midnight snack time?!

  2. freaking LOVE mr crackles! definitely my happy place!!!

    1. I know right, I believe I should schedule another visit sometime soon again! :D

  3. Looks like you had a crackling good time. Heh.

  4. mmm crackling! how can one ever say no to it

    1. I know right!!
      I'd be a little sceptical of the person that does ;)
      or not ... just more for meeee!!

  5. Sweet jesus!!! Great looking food

    1. NHI NHI!! :D :D
      Thanks, the food tastes a whole lot better though! My photos do it no justice ^^

  6. This place is awesome! My first blog post was on Mr. Crackles!


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