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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Reuben Hills

Restaurant: Reuben Hills
Location: 61 Albion Street, Surry Hills
We have been blessed with great weather lately, but when I came to Reuben Hills it was pouring like no tomorrow. Why had I chosen to go out rather than stay dry and warm at home? Because food ... well, because food is my weakness!

Salted Caramel Milkshake $8.50

Walking into the rustic cafe, EZ and I waited for a quick 20 minutes or so (because catching up helps time fly by). It seems salted caramel is the new and improved caramel now, so seeing the salted caramel milkshake on the menu just made this inner me go, I NEED TO TRY THIS! The sweet caramel with that distinctive yet not overpowering hit of salt makes me all tingly with excitement.

Baked eggs with jamon, spinach, ranchero and Rye $ 17 
It was cold and wet day, my stomach was feeling and craving for warmth and once I saw the baked eggs, I knew just what I wanted. The jamon was so inviting, but what was more inviting were the eggs – cooked to perfection! The ranchero sauce added more of a bam to the whole dish, and dipping my rye into it to constantly soak it all up.
Baked eggs with morcilla, spinach, ranchero and Rye $ 17 
This was my first time trying morcilla, and I must say – I’m not much of a fan ... I’m not too sure why, and I can’t really pinpoint what either ...
Really Fucking Great Fried Chicken $16
Just because we all love fried chicken, and by the name of their chicken ... I don’t see why I would let it slip by! I’ll be honest, it’s not the best fried chicken I’ve ever had as it wasn’t very crispy – at all. It was tasty with the chilli may, as I loved dipping my chicken pieces in it for more tasty experience. Don’t get me wrong, the chicken itself was really tasty already – but sometimes it just tastes that whole lot better with some dip. It also comes with a chilli salsa on the side also.
The staff were attentive and given that it was bustling with people, they were running on their toes like crazy!
I would love to go back and try other things on their menu, but I don’t think I would need to attempt the fried chicken again.
Until next time,
- Cassie x
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  1. Quite enjoy this place for brekky, and it's just down the road from my work! Shame that the chicken didn't quite live up to it's name!

    1. Lucky you being so close ;)
      I would love to try more on their menu though ;)

  2. they do a mean balaeda and i like the tacos there too. sucks that the really f***ing great fried chicken wasn't really that great.

    1. Ohh ... putting that one down to try next time :D
      Yeah, it was a bit disappointing but I guess it wasn't too bad ;)

  3. i still havent been there but ive got my eyes on that salted caramel shake!

  4. Marvelous! What exciting places to visit and the food looks so droolworthy.

    1. haha thanks... the food is drool worthy :)

  5. Oh I love morcilla, especially when it's pan-fried so it's crispy on the edges!

    1. Perhaps I need to give it another go ^^ you just made it sound so yummy!!

  6. Oh wow, I actually quite liked the fried chicken! I must be the exception here...

    But yes, love Reuben Hills! Try the dog's breakfast next time :D

    1. HAHAHA everyone has a different palate :) the taste isn't bad, it just wasn't very fried HAHAHAHA!
      oohh! Another to add to my list! thanks ;)

  7. I love loVE LOVE Reuben Hills Salted Caramel Milkshake, especially serving it in a large cup :D

    1. Tell me about it, I shall be honest though ... at first I was like: it's not full :( ... yes, the greedy me HAHA!! but it was enough! :D

  8. buhaha i ordered their fried chicken for the name but like you, i was slightly let down too

    1. I know right, the name is so misleading!! haha!!


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