Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Something for Jess

Restaurant: Something for Jess
Location:27-39 Abercrombie Street, Chippendale, Sydney
Open: 0700-1500 Monday-Friday; 0800-1500 Saturday 

After a morning run on a gloomy Saturday morning takes us to a brunch outing at the new cafĂ© in town. We’ve heard about their good coffee (here) so we knew the no coffee on weekends rule would have to be broken today.  

The menu is known to use local and organic produce. With this, their menu changes regularly but hey, at least you know you’re getting fresh, seasonal ingredients! And of course, this ensures you keep coming back for more noms AND their good coffee too :D

Salted of roasted beetroot, herb pumpkin, green beans, watercress, caramelised almond, coddled quail egg, mascarpone with lemon, honey dressing $15

For starters is the beetroot salad; there is a lot happening with the dish but that’s what makes it so yum! Besides, anything caramelised can make any salad dish pop! 

Roasted leg of lamb with chimichurri sauce, fresh tomato, corn kernel, grated cheese, caramelised onion on rustic panini $16
A roasted leg of lamb with a crusty panini on a cold morning is exactly what the doctor ordered to satisfy our tummies. The leftovers were then mixed with the rest of our beetroot salad. Roasted lamb, corn kernels, beetroot and pumpkin; we may have just made our very own wintery salad hehe

Banana, nutella and ricotta with roasted almond on tortilla $8.50

To top off our brunch, a last order of the banana and nutella tortilla was inevitable. The ‘healthy’ dessert dish gives you just enough satisfaction, without making the morning run a total guilt trip. 

Note: anything with bananas is healthy (school did teach us it is a rich source of potassium) plus all the nutella goodness of course!



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  1. haha i like your reasoning about the banana!

    1. seriously, I'll give any excuse just to get some nutella dose

  2. whoah look at that lamb!!

    1. it was quite a generous serving of the red meat :p mmm

  3. Thats some gorgeous presentation! Hahaha! Banana goes with everything, glad to know you got at least one of your fruit (12 fruit 5 veg) in

    1. Banana sure does goes with absolutely everything. Stay tuned for my upcoming South America food post (I'll make a mental note of the 12 fruit 5 veg rule)Thanks!

  4. thanks for sharing such a wonder full information about sydney restaurants food and i really appreciate


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