Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yebisu Izakaya – Time to skew over

Restaurant: Yebisu Izakaya
Location: Regent Place -501 George Street, Sydney

Once where Azuma Kushiyaki used to be is now replaced with the look-alike Tokyo-interior design Izakaya (Japanese version of a pub) at Regents Place. First hearing it here made me instantly want to teleport back to Tokyo but since annual leave is a scarce commodity T___T  guess Yebisu will just have to do for now. 

Having teleported to Yebisu on many occasions has concluded:  the skewers are the BEST-, seriously, go early for these out of this earth yummy wagyu beef skewers!!(These sell out daily and will disappear from the touch-screen menus), chicken cartilage and wagyu guts are also made available for those gutsy enough.

(Apologies for the poor quality photos as no decent camera was accompanied on these almost Tokyo trips but don’t worry when we’re in the real Tokyo so will the DSLR) 

Having read raves about these homemade tofu gave the high hope they will also give me an out-of-this-world goodness but maybe I’m too familiar with the supermarket versions that this was a little too grainy and lumpy. CN also added it tasted weird and off too……

But at least the agedashi tofu was a winner! Fresh and chunky pieces mm mm 

 Wagyu steak was also a favourite that night but too bad the pieces were too chunky and chewy – so chewy that my jaw was slightly in pain and was at stake with the steak.

Okkk, so kimchi fried rice in a Japanese restaurant.. how good can it be compared to the joints at Stratty well this is amazingly good!! Tasty kimchi good with thin pork slices make this perfect – just don’t go expecting a large portion though.

 Cass is in love with these babies and absolutely has a reason too: never soggy and with the right hint of flavour makes this the best pub food snack. Warning:  take these away from Cass before she hogs it all from the lotofus

And to end on a high, a froyo hit was required at Noggi (across the street from Event Cinemas on George Street). CN is a froyo virgin who fell in love instantly with the biscotti and green tea flavours. BOOYA another Noggi convert! 


cee: the froyo and Noggian addict

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  1. i still havent been here! argh! but ive admired the decore whilst quickly scoffing food down at tenkomori!

    1. it's not a must go but considering all the hype, at least try it for the skewers especially the wagyu!

  2. A shame about the wagyu but I agree - those renkon chips are way too addictive!

    1. a quick drop-in for their renkon chips and a beer/sake from their wide selection of alcohol will be perfect :P


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