Tuesday, August 06, 2013


Restaurant: Gastropark
Address: 5-9 Roslyn St, Potts Point NSW 2011

This post is exactly 3 months backlogged oooops. During these 3 months, the 10 courses tasting menu ($170) has changed but my favourite 2 dishes for the night are still on it. My HK friend who came to Sydney for a quick visit gave me the responsibility to choose which restaurant to dine in that particular night. Thanks to urbanspoon, Gastropark was chosen because of the reviews and the promising gastronomical restaurant name. 

Cheese and Ham Stick

First up is the snacks. Gotta love the idea of wrapping ham that melts in your mouth on a crispy bread stick sprinkled with cheese! This was deliciously easy to eat and it was a great dish to start off our night.

Crispy Skin with Kingfish

The kingfish was fresh but the crispy skin was a tad too oily which made me need to wash my hands afterwards.

Foie gras, wild hare, beetroot, plum vinegar, red cabbage granita

This dish. Blew my mind away. When the waiter came with this dish, we were all thinking "where's that slice of foie gras?" The waiter explained that the right side of the dish is the foie gras and on the left is the granita. I don't know how they gastronomically made it, but the foie gras just melts in your mouth and the granita with plum vinegar perfectly complemented the strong flavor.

Soy & Mustard glazed swordfish belly, pickled cucumber
The swordfish was tasty and went well with the cucumber. But the pistachio was a bit too raw for my liking.

Roast scallops, charred prawns, pork powder, carrot, endive

I wish I know how to make that pork powder, it's so interesting and bring the dish to another level. The scallops and prawns were perfectly cooked.

Liquid butternut gnocchi, mushroom consumme, onion crumb
So the word "gnocchi" caught my eye immediately when I was looking at the menu and my eyes ignored the words before that so it caught me by surprise when the gnocchi beautifully burst in my mouth. The consumme was packed with flavour -  I can eat this dish for breakfast, lunch AND dinner!

Crispy scaled snapper, smoked potato puree, calamari crackling, ink sauce
I did not really like this dish because eating the snapper scales was a bit weird and it was hard to chew and swallow. The crackling was too salty but the puree was nice. 

Rare seared venison, celeriac, puffed barley, roasted grapes, spiced red wine

I love the gorgeous plate for this dish, it emphasizes all the colours of this dish's components. I like it how the venison was raw and the barley gave the dish a crunchy texture. 

Nitro pavlova, pineapple, coconut, papaya

This dessert was average comparing to other main dishes. The pav was light and melts in your mouth.

Chocolate, honeycomb, mandarin spheres

OH  HELLO sexy yummy honeycomb flowing out of chocolate! At first I was a bit hesitant about trying this dish because I don't like the taste of mandarin, but luckily I didn't pick up any mandarin tang. The chocolate rocks were amazing!

The knowledgeable sommelier provided us with the different perfect red wine to go with our dishes. During the beginning of our meal, it was difficult to catch the attention of the waiters due to the vast amount of people dining in the restaurant, but it improved as the night went by. I would definitely come back here for the foie gras and gnocchi - the texture and flavours of my two favourite dishes still lingers in my mouth.


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  1. The foie gras and hare dish sounds amazing. And I actually loved eating the snapper scales! It was so cool! lol

    1. I LOVED that foie gras :) The texture of the scales were interesting at first but there were too much of it in the end..

  2. the dessert looks devine! drooling!

  3. all of those dishes look so pretty!

    1. i know right :) My eyes were fed before my tummy hehe


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