Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Porteno: Birthday Celebrations with Brussels and 8 hour woodfire pork and lamb

Restaurant: Porteño 
Address:  358 Cleveland Street, Surry hills 2010

Hello Again!

I must be the lucky one to cover the birthday dinners this year. This time it was Candice's Birthday; the chosen restaurant was  Porteño. This little gem in Surry Hills, is an Argentinian  restaurant - from the outside it looks like a very mysterious building on a corner. Step inside to a dark reception and past that is a beautiful interior which makes you feel like you have entered a new world. The bright and vibrant colours makes the room appealing and the atmosphere was very peaceful and welcoming at the same time.

Pan De Casa $2 per person
The word is this restaurant is known for its 8 hour slow cooked suckling pig, this is cooked on an iron bark over a burning wood fire. We were definitely going to try this dish this evening! 

Chorizo Porteno$14
To start the celebrations we got the Pan De Casa ( House bread with olive oil and Pork Pate), Berenjenanas Picante (spiced eggplant), Lengua en Escabeche (pickled veal tongue), Empanada De Carne (Beef Empanadas), Broccoli and Ricotta Empanada, Housemade pork sausage and blood sausage with red peppers and garlic.

Beef Empanada and Brocolli and Ricotta Empanada $6.50 each
The names of these dishes are very interesting and all of them taste just as good as they sound. I am a sucker for pate and the pork pate tasted amazing and I could not get enough of it! The Beef Empanada was also very tasty and crisp. 

Pickled Veal Tongue $10
Onto the veal tongue, I myself am not a fan of tongue, but my friends said it was very delicious and the eggplant was also divine. 

Morcilla $12
Tonight was the night I was going to try Blood sausage for the first time. The dish itself was very tasty, but for my first try, I was not a fan of the texture of blood sausage. Having looked at their menu now, we ordered majority of the first page of the menu. For appetizers I do recommend trying the pate and especially the housemade pork sausage! 

8 hour woodfire lamb $46
Onto the main course! As you would have guessed we ordered the 8 hour woodfired piggy (Chanchito a La Cruz) and in addition we also ordered the 8 hour woodfired lamb (Cordero a La Cruz). My friend also mentioned that we must try the Fried Brussel Sprouts with lentils and mint  (Repollitos De Brusela Frito) as this was also one of the signature dishes at Porteño. 

8 hour woodfire pork $46
The rumours are very true, the roast pig was so succulent and juicy, it was my favourite dish of the night. The lamb following the same suit was also very tender to the bone. The brussels were very tasty, they seem to be a crowd pleaser. I would go back to Porteño just to eat this Pork dish again!
I highly recommend the woodfired pig and lamb if you are considering this restaurant. It was one of the best pork dishes I have had in a very long time. The brussels were also appealing and a must try if you go to Porteño. Friendly service and great atmosphere, the perfect place to wine and dine.

Until Next time, 
Jess <3

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  1. mmmm I'll reorder those brussels and pork in a heartbeat!! Thank you once again for my cake :')

  2. one of my fave restaurants! if only some of my friends aren't vegetarian or on strict religious diets otherwise i would totally bring them here for my birthday

    1. aww that's disappointing - but yeah there really isnt much on a vegetarian choice ...

  3. ive been dreaming of that 8 hr roast piggy for so long, cant wait to go try it out!

  4. yum love porteno esp that woodfire pork!

  5. I love morcilla but i think it's one of those things that does take a few tries to get used to. And the bbq set-up is amazing here. Love the pork especially!

    1. Yes, morcilla seems to have an acquired taste to it
      pork belly is so ... mm~~ haha!


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