Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Agape Organic Food Truck

Food Truck: Agape Organic Food Truck

Thanks to the very useful Food Truck App, we are able to track down locations of Sydney Food Trucks everyday. Our initial food truck that we want to try was Cantina, but unfortunately they're not out that day so we chose Agape because they were stopped at Zetland which was near our home and hey! who says no to organic food :)

Organic Spelt Bun Chilli Dog 
(Chorizo sausage, wagyu chilli con carne, cheese, tomato and chimmichurri) $12
This dog. Was definitely worth its money! Not only is it organic, the serving was MASSIVE. The sauce was very tasty and I wish there was more of that mouth-watering chimmichurri. Because I took awhile to finish the whole thing, the bun was falling apart towards the end - so make sure you eat quick! Lucky there were table and seats in the Zetland park, or else I have no idea how I'll attack this standing up.

Organic Nachos (wagyu chilli con carne, cheese, tomato and chimmichurri) $12
Basically it's like the chilli dog but without the sausage and bun! That generous dollop of sour cream brings all the flavours together.

Organic Spelt Chocolate Brownie 
(Organic spelt chocolate brownie, almond praline, chocolate sauce) $8
Our sweet tooth wouldn't let us leave the truck without trying their brownie.  This was deliciously rich and that crunchy praline mmm YUMMY. But it would have been perfect if they warmed it up though..

I would surely come back for their massive hot dog and might even visit their restaurant to try out their other organic food.


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  1. Replies
    1. hehe i know right! i love the bright colours in the dog :D

  2. The serving is heaps generous!!

    1. YES! didn't know how my stomach could fit in the brownie afterwards lol

  3. The organic spelt bun chilli dog looks like it's exploding with goodness! Yum!


    1. it was so nice :) all the ingredients literally explded from the bun!

  4. Errmahgerd! That chilli dog looks epic! I heard good things about Agape from Tsuru Food Truck.

  5. One of the awesome information about the Agape Organic Food Truck.You really did a great job by posting it.Thanks.



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