Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Hana Hana – P for Parfaits

Restaurant: Hana Hana
Location:Shop 4 and 5, 339 Sussex Street, Sydney (dessert upstairs)
Ph: 92801570

At the end of KFC’s first outing at Naruone, with the aim to burn off our massive protein pigout, EC takes us to the hidden dessert section upstairs from the proper food section of Hana Hana. Many describe Hana Hana as similar to Mappen, but guess what? Hana has a dessert menu!! All in a cosy, Japanese decorated interior café-like/hang-out place. I’m no fashion designer but their Japanese fabric designs are pretty (:

Chocolate parfait $5.50/ green tea and sweet red bean parfait $5.90
The cutest parfaits served with layers of cornflakes, mochi, sponge cake, whipped cream, sweet red bean, chocolate/green tea jelly and a scoop of chocolate/green ice-cream is exactly what we were hoping for and more! Cornflakes with ice-cream: an old-school tradition but this was my first and man did I fell in love instantly. Next on the list shall be cornflakes and FROYO!
matcha with cream cheese pancakes ($5.50)
Being a fan, Cass and I ordered pancakes with the hope it would deliver exactly like the parfait. Unfortunately, we were slightly disappointed as it was too dry and cakey.

Green tea Latte

Second visit takes us to Asian fusion lattes: green tea and black sesame. It’s not everyday you see a black sesame latte on the menu. This latte was amazingly good and if you’re a fan of black sesame and a coffee flavor – this is a must! Go get it!
Chocolate crepe ($5.50)
Love tapioca, love crepe but having never heard the two together keeps us guessing what the love child tapioca crepe would look/taste like. A thin crepe with the chewiness of tapioca makes us come back for more!
Now, go and get some of that parfait and latte while it’s still hot!
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  1. whoah those desserts are so cheap and look at the serving sizes!


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