Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Nikuzo Japanese BBQ

Restaurant: Nikuzo Japanese BBQ
Location: Shop 3 & 11, 1 Newland Street, Bondi Junction

Winter has left us, however the chilly nights still linger during the early days of spring. I visited Nikuzo a while ago, but it is still a great place for an all you can eat barbecue and cooked foods – please note that they do have a 90-minute time limit.

Exhaust pipes hanging from the ceilings, with stone pots sitting just below. Makes me all giddy with excitement, what makes me even happier about this is you walk out and do not smell of what you just ate unlike many Korean barbecue joints.

There are three different all you can eat menus, the standard buffet $29.80, the wagyu and seafood buffet $39.80 (standard buffet included), and the premium buffet $49.80 (standard, wagyu and seafood buffet included) has everything with the additional seafood.

Ox tongue and corn
We went with the $39.80 menu, as we were all after the ox tongue only. It has not happened to me (as I have not kept count), but when Candice went with family – she was only told you can only have one plate of particular dishes per person.

There is enough to go around, the quality of the meat is fresh and when cooked, very tender. The staff put a bucket of ice next to you; this is for emergencies of FIRE!! However, if they see your fire – they tend to come to the rescue, if not, you are to place the ice on your grill mat to distinguish. Then you find all your meat charcoal black!

Spicy beef and egg soup
The spicy egg soup was enough to satisfy my stomach for a need of killing that winter need of warmth. It may not look all that appetizing, but it tasted otherwise with tiny bits of beef throughout.

scallops and soft chicken bones
The soft chicken bones were great, offering that juicy tender soft “crunch”.

chicken karage
A small serving of two pieces of chicken karage, it’s delicious! I love all my karage, that delicious juicy inner chicken and crunchy exterior makes me a happy girl.

Vanilla ice cream with matcha powder
Having the wagyu and seafood buffet we got the “better” dessert choice of vanilla ice cream with match powder. It wasn’t that bad actually, was interesting. The subtle flavours of matcha mixed with the vanilla ice cream was a different intake of a “green tea ice cream”.

The dish sizes aren’t big at all, but that’s ok – because it’s an all you can eat … you can order MORE!! Although, I do recommend to try and order it all in your first round as it does seem to take a while for the food to arrive on your table. You may also lose count on what you order due to the time, as when we were all full things we ordered in the first few rounds started to arrive.

There are plenty more to choose from, but when food arrives you just eat, so I think these photos of some of the food shall be sufficient enough to lure you all to go try for yourselves! :)

The staff was amazing, polite and friendly. There is always a smile on their face when running around the cozy restaurant. It is recommended to book, as tables are limited.

Until next time,

- Cassie x

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  1. although winter is gone im not saying no to BBQ!

    1. hahahaha makes the bbq all the more enjoyable :)
      helps that it's all you can eat


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