Sunday, October 20, 2013

Night Noodle Markets 2013

Event: Night Noodle Markets
Location: Hyde Park North, Sydney

We made use of the free rug. $8.50 per cider

We decided to kick things off with the Rekorderling Cider offer (buy 4 ciders and get a free picnic rug – this offer was continued from 2012 NNM). Flavours tried and tested this year are: strawberry x lime, mango x raspberry and passionfruit. Warning: passionfruit went down so well that it’s almost our 2nd favourite after the strawbie x lime classic.

 Sydney’s first ramen burger $12.50, Jackie M’s fried radish cake $15

Everyday choices are: beef, vegetarian and pork on Monday and Saturdays.  The pork were tender, unfortunately the ramen could have been crispier. Not sure if I’ll swap this love-child for a real burger or ramen though.

But we will order Jackie M’s radish cakes over again and again and maybe again. These fried radish cakes are absolutely godsmackin’ delicious!!! Stir-fried with garlic, chives, eggs and beansprouts had Feli, HS and I fighting over the last serving (in a civilised manner of course…)

Longrain’s Nahm Yaa – rice noodles with turmeric, minced chicken, coconut & wild ginger $15

Recommended by a colleague meant it was a must-order but warning was it could be spicy depending on the individual’s palette. Feli, HS and I enjoyed mixing the dish but HS isn’t a big fan of turmeric but still managed to have two servings and me? Well, I licked my plate clean #noshame

Thairiffic’s salt & pepper prawns $9, Kinn’s Dining at BBQ baby octopus $10

Crispy and big prawns goodness makes us happy people followed by the best BBQ octy I’ve had in a long time and a smear $10 made me want more. 

Highlight of this year’s NNM was Jackie M and Longrain who is still making me salivate until this point.  And can someone please tell me why Chat Thai got rid of their fishball skewers this year?

Please bring them back in 2014. Thanks, yours sincerely.



  1. Jackie M is one of my fave stalls this year too :)

  2. I think I need to go back to try jackie M and long grain!

    Angela x

  3. lurve Jacking M's CKT! it is the best in sydney!

  4. going on friday before they wrap up! cant wait!


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