Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shelbourne: three little piggies went out one day ...

Restaurant: Shelbourne Hotel

Location: 200 Sussex St, Sydney

Continuing our massive Good Food Month of eateries, we found ourselves at Shelbourne Hotel for the ‘pub grub & pale’ with 3 little piggies!! We have been eating so much pork that I keep telling the girls, “You know how they say, you are what you eat …” well, you see my drift… On the lovely Wednesday evening, 3 little piggies nom-ed on the 3 little piggies dish!

Three little piggies $25
The pork belly very tender and soft, but once you get to the crackling your tastebuds are hit with an overload of salt! Feli had the little pork burger; I don’t believe it would be classified as a favourite for her palette. The little sausage in a roll was nice, but it wasn’t anything that really stood out.

Margherita Pizza $16
Being known as 3 piggies that would surely not fill our bellies up! So… a margherita pizza was added, and mmm~~ that cheesey goodness! I don’t know why but I get very impressed by pizzas that get topped with rocket. For some reason, it just somehow makes me feel like the pizza would be of the texture I like. The pizza base was perfect, not too soft but enough to be able to hold the pizza and it’s toppings. There was a slice of fresh tomato in every single piece of pizza. And the crust was a nice crunch!

Rocket and Pear Salad $10
… So we should also have a rocket and pear salad to help counter balance all the “not so healthy” eats.

I love daylight saving, the longer days! Even having dinner is nice to be able to still see some sunlight, especially with Shelbourne being in such an open space.

Considering Good Food Month is drawing to an end in the next 2 days, perhaps something to mark in your diaries to try next year?

Until next time,

- Cass x

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  1. Oh dear, it's at the end of the month and I haven't done anything for Good Food month this year! It has been so quiet though, I haven't seen much advertising or mention except for things that are on blogs :)

    1. I do agree that it seems to be fairly quiet this year and there wasn't that much hype or reminder that it was happening ...
      Wonder why ... saving money on the advertising? haha!

  2. I'm not sure that rocket belongs on a margherita pizza, haha, but the three little piggies idea is very cute (if a little salty!).

    1. We totally loved the idea of the three little piggies, especially when we love pork so much haha!
      HAHA! I still don't understand why I love rocket on pizzas haha!


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